July 24, 2024
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July 24, 2024
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Innate Health Conference to Be Held in Fort Lee

Over a dozen world-renowned practitioners from Europe and all over America will present an approach to unconditional peace of mind and performance at the Fifth Annual Innate Health Conference at the Fort Lee DoubleTree November 12-14.

Speaker clients include PGA golfers, NHL hockey players and Fortune 500 CEOs as well as thousands of Jewish couples, adults, and young people around the world seeking access to the unconditional psychological health and well-being that already resides within.

“No matter the challenges you face,” says Rabbi Michel Twerski, “I implore you to investigate the principles of Innate Health. This is an extremely hopeful, relevant and common sense approach to life.”

Rabbi Twerski and his wife, Rebbetzin Faige Twerski, of Milwaukee founded the Twerski Wellness Institute, the conference co-sponsor, eight years ago to help share the principles of Innate Health with the Jewish community.

“In 50 years of communal work we’ve referred many people to traditional counseling and were not satisfied with the results,” he explained. “We found in Innate Health a resource that is simple, inexpensive and effective.”

According to Rabbi Henry Harris, director of the Jewish Center for Wellbeing and conference co-sponsor, Innate Health is not about techniques, communication skills or exercises, nor is there anything to be “good” at. Rather, the principles point people to what’s always present: our connection to divine wisdom and resilience right now.

“Our wisdom and well-being are like the sun in the sky,” he explains, “it’s always there. It just gets covered up by the weather of our own moods. Don’t try to change the weather to bring back the sun,” he laughs. “One, it will wear you out. Two, it moves on it’s own!”

“A lot of folks feel discouraged about the job of improving their marriages, their lives,” he adds. “We see that when people understand the fluid nature of thought, they have less need to change it. As Shlomo Hamelech said, ‘This too passes.’”

Full conference details, short speaker videos and testimonials can be found at www.jewishcenterforwellbeing.com or 845-350-2695.


“I’ve been walking around feeling amazed. Not to go crazy in my head? Not to be worrying all day? Not feeling stressed and overwhelmed with life? What am I going to do with all my time now? I might just get things done! How nice is that?”

“Learning about the principles at a rough time in our marriage was God sent. Instead of being given advice and pointers and being encouraged to seek out painful memories, we were suddenly given a fresh start.”

“I saw how we were bringing out the worst in each other. When I understood how moods work, I stopped seeing her as her anxious thoughts. It just made sense not to be reactive. I felt compassion and saw her beauty even in her lower moments. We’re now happily married.”

“I let go of so many schmutz feelings. Mental illness doesn’t exist when you find your own health. There is so much hope there and I can reach it.”

FAQs About the Conference

Is this primarily for folks suffering from severe distress or anxiety?

Students of this approach include high-level athletes and business executives as well as prisoners in maximum-security prisons. Anyone seeking unconditional peace of mind will benefit.

  1. Has this been helpful for folks suffering from real depression or anxiety?

In the words of several participants:

“I was in over six years of intensive therapy—in-patient, out-patient—plagued with negative thought. I always felt so ashamed of it. The conference was my first exposure to Innate Health. I learned so much. I am now calm when these thoughts come. I used to feel it’s the end of the world. Now, I think it’s just going to pass, it’s just the human condition. I spent so much time taking my thinking so seriously, often in therapy itself. Oh my gosh, this makes so much sense.”

“I was diagnosed with PTSD over 12 years ago and was in therapy twice weekly for almost 10 years. After learning these principles over time, I found within myself a spring of peace and my fears seem like shadows of a past I rarely experience anymore. My life isn’t perfect but neither is anyone else’s. We all have our days. But I can sit and wait and know that my fears, my feelings, the emotions that come up will not last and that knowledge sees me through.”

  1. Must one come to all three days?

No. Many come for the first day and then opt to come back (and still receive the discounted multiple-day tickets).

  1. Is this seminar guaranteed?

There are no guarantees in life – just good investments.


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