May 25, 2024
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May 25, 2024
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Introducing Health & Heels Magazine

An exclusive interview with The Jewish Link and Tanya Rosen, editor-in-chief of the brand new women’s magazine, Health & Heels.

Congratulations on your new women’s magazine! What an exciting new venture this must be for you!

Thank you! It really is exciting! We are so excited to bring this important magazine to women everywhere.

Can I ask why you decided to create a magazine? If anyone knows how challenging the magazine and newspaper business is, it’s me!

Yes! Basya and I had this dream for several years already. We felt that even though there are so many amazing publications in the frum community, there was a piece missing. We wanted to create a magazine that caters exclusively to women. We saw a great need for a publication focused exclusively on the health and wellness of women and we wanted it to portray pictures of modestly dressed women in it.

Why was that so important to you?

Well, we realize that a lot of our clients depend on their magazines for information, because they don’t have easy access to the internet, but those very same magazines don’t actually cover many of the health and wellness issues that are exclusive to women.

So is this magazine only for women who don’t have access to the internet?

No, not at all! This magazine is packed full of women’s personal journeys, inspiration, and parenting, dating and marriage advice from experts in their fields, as well as recipes, health tips and advice all exclusive to our magazine. Plus, when do most of us read? On Shabbat! So having the internet isn’t helpful then, people need good quality printed material.

How has the magazine been received so far? Has there been any pushback about having pictures of women?

So far the response has been overwhelmingly positive. We have gotten a tremendous amount of amazing feedback from women of all backgrounds expressing appreciation for making this magazine a reality. Of course, there are a few stores that don’t want to carry any magazine that has women in it, which was expected, and we respect that. We also take great cautions to ensure that all of the pictures of women are modest, and we shrink wrap each copy so that no one is seeing it unless they choose to.

That’s amazing! How often is your magazine published?

Currently our magazine comes out quarterly. But as we grow we will be able to publish even more frequently.

Can you tell me about some of the content in your magazine?

Yes! In our most recent issue we conducted an interview with a fascinating woman who kindly discussed her many years struggling with anorexia and how she ultimately went on to help others struggling with eating disorders. We are also running a serialized column by a fascinating frum woman who is one of 7 7th degree black belts in karate. There are articles on women’s issues written by a pelvic floor specialist, as well as parenting, relationship and marriage columns. And of course each issue is chock full of health and weight loss advice.

What’s your favorite column?

That’s like asking me to choose a favorite child! But I would have to say I am really inspired by Ellen Heimoff’s article called Starving for Attention.

Thank you so much for coming in today! Any last thoughts you want to share with your readers?

Yes! In 2022, it is so important to have kosher magazines for women to read on Shabbat that reflect the values that we work so hard to impart to them. And the amazing thing about Health & Heels is that each issue is a collectible—you will go back to the articles over and over to gain inspiration and motivation to keep working hard towards your health and wellness goals.

Where can readers find this magazine? Can it be found online?

You can read excerpts from some of our writers and get to know our columnists on our website Also, we currently distribute the magazine in over 70 stores across New York and New Jersey, so check your local magazine rack in your favorite supermarket. You can also order the latest issue (or a subscription) on our website

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