September 22, 2023
September 22, 2023

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iParty Pix Makes Events Unforgettable

You’ve seen photo booths at events. But have you seen iParty Pix? It’s a whole different experience. iParty Pix does more than take photos of guests at the party. Behind the large 42-inch screen is a sophisticated computer that customizes the look and presentation of the photos. If you’re having a bar/bat mitzvah, you can have your logo and theme incorporated into the photo presentation. With over 200 virtual props, your guests will have a great time adding fun elements to their photos, like posing with a celebrity, adding costumes, even adding text. The system is large enough for family and group photos of 10 to 15 people. Unlike old-school photo booths, iParty Pix has an add-on roaming handheld system that also captures fun candid shots of dancing and games that can be shared instantly.

We’ve all become more concerned with touch since the pandemic. Since the props are all virtual, you get all the customization you want in a touch-free environment. Photos are shared digitally, so guests can post on all their social media pages and get printed photos to take home as party favors. Young bar/bat mitzvah partygoers will especially appreciate the ability to print the original pre-customized photo. They can take the beautiful photos with their nice outfits and smiles, minus the schtick, home to mom and dad.

iParty Pix was started in 2013 by entrepreneur Joe Quinto, who recognized the potential of the newly available technology to add interactive fun to special events like weddings, bar/bat mitzvah parties and non-profit and corporate galas. The system is always fully staffed to help guests navigate and interact to get the look they want.

Quinto gets to know each client so he can create the right customization. He has worked extensively with the Jewish community throughout the New York/New Jersey metro area, Westchester and Monsey, and programs iParty Pix to individual preferences. He works with party planners and DJs and is a preferred vendor with many of the most popular venues.

Visit www.ipartypix  for a fabulous tour of what iParty Pix can offer your event. Or call 855-399-4749 (IPIX) to book your next event.

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