June 18, 2024
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June 18, 2024
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Israel’s Cabinet Approves Mandatory Guidelines to Stem Rising COVID Spread

(Israel National News) Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett and the Coronavirus Cabinet on Tuesday, August 3, decided to enact a list of restrictions aimed at reducing the coronavirus infection rate across Israel.

At the meeting, the Cabinet approved a list of guidelines, which will become mandatory beginning on Sunday, August 8.

1. The Green Pass program will be expanded to include locations where less than 100 people gather, and it will apply to every age, including to children too young to receive the vaccination. This will go into effect on Friday, August 20, in order to allow time to set up a system for rapid coronavirus testing

2. The requirement to wear masks will apply to open spaces where there are 100 people or more gathered.

3. Government offices, and as much as possible the entire public sector, will require 50% of their employees to work from home. The Director General of the applicable government ministry will be allowed to make adjustments for exceptional cases.

4. It is recommended that the private sector move to working from home.

5. A vaccinated adult who is taking care of a child under 12 or another helpless individual who is diagnosed with coronavirus will be required to quarantine.

6. There will be increased enforcement of the mask mandates, as well as of mandatory quarantine.

7. Entry and exit from Israel:

“Red” countries will be completely banned, other than special cases which will receive approval from the Exceptions Committee.

The list of “orange” countries will be expanded to include most countries in the world, so that upon return to Israel, travelers, including those recovered from the virus or vaccinated against it, will be required to quarantine.

The list of “green” countries will be extremely limited, and those returning from such countries will be required to quarantine until they receive a negative coronavirus test result.

8. The government calls on the public to understand the situation and cease shaking hands, embracing and kissing, and avoid all unnecessary gatherings which take place in enclosed areas.

9. The government especially calls on those aged 60 and above to avoid gatherings and any meetings with unvaccinated individuals that take place in enclosed areas.

The Prime Minister and Cabinet ministers also called on the Israeli public to get vaccinated as soon as possible and to keep the guidelines, since taken together, these steps save lives and prevent harsher restrictions, including a lockdown, in the future.

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