September 29, 2023
September 29, 2023

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JAKE TV Launches Free Jewish ‘Edutainment’ Network

JAKE TV has announced the launch of its free app-based video platform. Available from any app store, JAKE TV streams a wide variety of Jewish video on demand. “JAKE TV goes with you everywhere on any smartphone,” said co-founders Moshe Unger and David Lenik.

“JAKE TV is an idea that has been wafting in and out of my thoughts for almost 30 years,” says founding partner and programming director David Lenik. “Judaism is a 3,000-year-old tradition that has gone in and out of popularity. Despite the talent of the Jewish people, we have trouble promoting ourselves. At JAKE TV, we’re using contemporary technology to provide a media resource to help people ‘get connected.’”

When he and Unger, a technologically sophisticated, creative Belzer Hasid, met, “we just lit up!” said Lenik. The virtual synapse of “lights, camera, action,” was intense, and “JAKE TV is the result.” Unger added the organization’s staff is growing exponentially. “We are a group of experienced, passionate media professionals,” explained Unger. “Putting together an organization with this level of expertise is really unusual. Thank God, there’s a lot of talent.”

During their careers, the members of JAKE’s team have created thousands of hours of video including network productions for such places as The History Channel, Sesame Street and Fox Television animation. Staff have worked on television and film projects including the Simpsons, Spiderman and Marvel Comics. Levick, a media professional with over 30 years of television production experience, is the creator of a wide range of documentary and episodic video attractions, including the NY Skyride.

JAKE, an acronym for Jewish Art, Knowledge and Education, presents “experiences” seen through the lens of Jewish principles. Its mission is to expand Jewish learning through a wide variety of Jewish content the viewer might not find independently. From Jewish music to Moses, frummie to futurist, historic footage of the IDF or the experiences of an active duty commanding officer studying Tanach between missions; or the words of an ancient scholar or a discussion of contemporary Judaism with rabbis and Jewish leaders; or a Jewish journey through Israel or a Diaspora destination, or an animated tale of Noah, JAKE TV gets it, and gets it to everybody through the screen in their pocket or the one on their desk.

“JAKE TV has developed a programming platform promoting all good things within Judaism. There are millions of Jews who have little or no Jewish content or Jewish involvement in their day-to-day life,” said Lenik.

“JAKE TV is an agile thing,” say Unger. “We incorporate responses from our viewers into product development. The majority of JAKE TV programs are aggregated—always with permission, he assures—from throughout the web. “We’re bringing new audiences to the content providers. By embedding their material in the JAKE TV app, they get a boost in their numbers. It’s a great partnership,” he said enthusiastically.

“If Jews can’t come to us, we’ll go to the Jews,” said Unger and Levick enthusiastically. “JAKE TV can reach Jews throughout the Diaspora, providing a source of pride in who we are and in our heritage. It’s learning and it’s fun! JAKE TV presents an expanding body of ‘all things Jewish’ programming, both original and aggregated material. We’d also love to be doing more original content, and we will.”

Access is smooth and simple. Just download the free app on any smartphone or device. JAKE TV puts the box in your pocket, connecting Jews to one another. Want to increase your knowledge of all things Jewish? JAKE it with you!

JAKE TV is a not-for-profit 501(c)3 corporation. “We rely on the support of donors who see the vision,” says Unger. “Our supporters recognize JAKE TV as a new space of Jewish learning and experiences. It’s never boring!”(Check out JAKE TV at the App Store or at www.JAKETV.TV.)

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