June 22, 2024
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June 22, 2024
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Jerusalem College of Technology Launches New Options For North American Students Facing Surge of Antisemitism

JCT is offering accelerated enrollment for transfer students completing the current semester and those applying for admission in the fall, as well as staff opportunities for faculty members.

Professor Chaim Sukenik.
(Credit: Michael Erenburg)

With antisemitism surging on college campuses across North America, the Jerusalem College of Technology (JCT) announced that it is offering accelerated enrollment options for international students who are seeking a safe haven.

The newly launched process accommodates transfer students completing the spring semester of the current academic year; transfer students and prospective first-year students applying for admission for the next school year (beginning with the fall semester); and postdoctoral students and faculty members looking for staff positions.

“The Jerusalem College of Technology is watching the rapid rise of antisemitism on college campuses across North America with growing concern,” JCT President Professor Chaim Sukenik said. “Recent events have underscored the urgent need for a safe and supportive environment for Jewish students, who deserve the opportunity to pursue their educational goals without fear of discrimination or persecution.”

North American students who transfer to JCT will have access to an array of programs that will set them up for success in Israel or their native countries. This will include degrees in computer science and business administration through JCT’s international program in English, as well as programs in nursing, pre-medical studies, engineering and applied physics, and bioinformatics whose curricula are being adapted to allow for the integration of English speakers. Transfer students will also have the option of enrolling for one semester at a time rather than committing to spending the duration of their undergraduate years at the college.

Additionally, North American faculty members, postdoctoral students and those nearing the completion of their Ph.D. program have been invited to apply to join JCT’s academic staff. Teaching and research opportunities are available in computer science, engineering and health sciences.

“By joining us in Jerusalem, students and faculty will further their academic and professional goals by joining a vibrant Zionist community dedicated to Torah study and academic excellence,” Sukenik said.

JCT’s student body features the highest percentage of olim of any Israeli academic institution, and students have reported experiencing a warm and welcoming community that is passionate about both Torah and secular studies.

The college also recently took significant steps to ensure that its campus communities are attending to the needs of olim by partnering with the Orthodox Union’s Jewish Learning Initiative on Campus, which is building community and strengthening social programming for students on both the Lev Campus for men and the Tal Campus for women.

In addition, this coming fall, internationally renowned Torah educator Rabbi Shalom Rosner will begin leading JCT’s English-speaking Judaic studies program, opening doors for international students who want to remain in Israel to earn a college degree while simultaneously continuing their high level Torah learning.

Making aliyah is not a requirement for acceptance to JCT, which offers a high quality education for a total cost of less than $15,000 per year.

JCT’s Selma Jelinek School of Nursing is widely considered the top nursing program in the country, having received the Health Ministry’s National Prize for Excellence and ranking first among 24 nursing departments nationwide. It is also notable that more than 90% of JCT’s alumni are employed in their field within a year of graduation. Many alumni have gone on to work for leading tech companies such as Intel, Google, Microsoft, Amdocs, Rafael, Elbit, Check Point, Texas Instruments and IBM.

JCT’s students hail from 38 countries around the world. Approximately 70% of the international students at the college come from North America.

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