June 25, 2024
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June 25, 2024
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Linking Northern and Central NJ, Bronx, Manhattan, Westchester and CT

Jewish Link Monthly Kids ART Contest: Design a Sukkah!

Congratulations to our winners!

Shana, Yaakov and Lyla, email [email protected] to claim your Chickies gift card!

1st Place Winner – Shana Burack, age 7, New Milford.


2ND Place Winner – Yaakov Baum, age 7, Teaneck.


3rd Place Winner – Lyla Pasternak, age 8, Fair Lawn.

Thank you to everyone who entered!

Ari Pasternak, age 10, Fair Lawn.


Lielle Fenner, age 8, Teaneck.


Sarit Schoenbrun & Ariella Klein, age 11, Bergenfield.


Emma Karoly, age 8, Teaneck.


Elisha Rauzman, age 8, Teaneck.


Daphna Gottlieb, age 8, New Milford.
Amitai Hamburger, age 6, Bergenfield.
Chana Rochel Jakubovic, age 8.5, Riverdale.
Eden Fenner, age 10, Teaneck.
Julie Bandler, age 13, Manhattan.


Libby and Moses Courtney, ages 12 & 7, Riverdale.


Ben Samuels, age 9, New Milford.


Lielle Schnall, age 9.5, Fair Lawn.


Yakira Gewirtz, age 4.5, Bergenfield.
Aryeh Berkowitz, age 8, Bergenfield.


Zev Reich, age 9, Teaneck.


Tali Gottlieb, age 6, New Milford.


Ora & Atara Ray, Bergenfield.


Rivka Rosenzweig, age 10, Bregenfield.


Ayla Gottlieb, age 12, New Milford.


Meital Zuckier, age 9, Teaneck.


Ayla Sobin, age 9, Teaneck.


Livia Seligsohn, age 8, Englewood.


Lola Borg, age 5, Bergenfield.


Yehuda Sulimanoff, age 8, Teaneck.


Yonah Sulimanoff, age 8, Teaneck.


Atara Chaitovsky, age 7, Teaneck.


Eitan Bari, age 4, Bergenfield.


Jack Zyskind, age 8, Keira Zyskind, age 7, Nurit Gamzeh, age 7, Bergenfield.


Lilly Kanter, age 9, Teaneck.


Adira Crystal, age 5, Bergenfield.


Albie, age 6, and Ben, age 7, Schetina, Teaneck.


Shiri Lacher, age 10, Bergenfield.


Arielle Forman, age 8, Teaneck.


Leah Reich, age 7, Teaneck.


Zev Cohn, age 9, Teaneck.


Maya Hersh, age 10, & Elianna Hersh, age 4, Fair Lawn.


Tzvi Dawidowicz, age 7, Teaneck.


Chaya Dawidowicz, age 5, Teaneck.


Yaakov Weinberg, age 8, Bergenfield.
Ahuva Aron, age 8, Teaneck.


Eliana Bierbryer, age 8, Fair Lawn.


Noah Saks, age 9, Teaneck.
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