June 18, 2024
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June 18, 2024
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Jewish Link Sportstar of the Week: Binyamin Brickman

The Jewish Link of New Jersey and Gotham Burger would like to recognize Rae Kushner Yeshiva High School’s Binyamin Brickman as this week’s Sportstar of the Week. This past year the 17 year old Brickman completed the Miami and Jerusalem Marathons. Correction, he didn’t just complete the races, he finished second in his age group in both marathons: the Miami Marathon in 4:07:29 and the Jerusalem Marathon in 4:16:11.

Great job, Binaymin! Who are your role models?
My coaches and parents. They lead by example, which I hope to do for my teammates and peers. My coaches and parents taught and continue to teach me to never give up and give it my all. Regardless of what people say before the race or game you need to block it out and prepare the same for every team because anything can happen during the race or game.

What is your pre race routine?
Before I run, I drink water and mentally prepare. After a few minutes of mentally preparing I do dynamic stretches and warm ups to prepare to race.

What is your earliest sport memory?
Winning the soccer championship, with my father as my coach. We were the underdogs going into the game but came out on top to win. This showed me that even if you aren’t favored to win anything can happen and to give it your all regardless of what people say will happen.

What is your funniest sports memory?
When I was training last year on a treadmill I fell off and tried to get back on while it was still on a high speed and didn’t make it back on until I turned off the treadmill.

What is your favorite sports memory?
Crossing the finish line at the end of three half marathons and two full marathons. This year after finishing the Miami and Jerusalem marathons for The Friendship Circle and Shalva, respectively, I thought to myself and asked myself why I just ran 26.2 miles. My answer was because I wanted to raise awareness for people with special needs. Volunteering for Friendship Circle in Livingston has taught me and showed me how important inclusion is. Crossing the finish line reminded me how much I have and how as a Sportstar I can be a role model for everyone to push themselves to their limit and to never give up.

What is your favorite thing to do when you are not playing sports?
Eat, hang out with friends and family and sleep.

What is the best thing about being a Sportstar?
It feels good to be recognized amongst all the amazing sports players. It is humbling and makes me continue to want to get better. Unlike a test there is always room for improvement in sports whether it be strength, speed, agility,  communication, or awareness. I continue to train as I try to help my soccer team win the championship and my track team get 1st place in all our meets in addition to running to raise awareness for the various organizations which I ran for in past year- Shalva, The Friendship Circle, the West Orange Mayor run to raise awareness for ovarian cancer and the run for Rachel which the Kushner track team ran for as a team last year.

The Gotham Burger Sportstar of the Week will receive a $10 gift certificate to Gotham Burger. Please send nominees for a future Gotham Burger Sportstar of the Week to [email protected].

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