May 18, 2024
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May 18, 2024
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Kosher Vacation Travel Is Back on the Map

(Courtesy of Totally Jewish Travel) For more than 20 years, (TJT) has been the go-to guide for Jewish travelers planning a kosher vacation. The website is easy to navigate and is divided into categories, such as Passover Programs, Sukkot, Summer Vacations and Winter Vacations. has a directory of kosher restaurants, kosher hotels, synagogues and mikvahs in cities around the world. There is a blog section with interesting articles about kosher vacations and Jewish vacation experiences. offers kosher travelers information about kosher tours, kosher programs, kosher food and all the little details to organize your family vacation.

As an industry leader for so many years and having worked with most of the kosher tour operators, has a stellar reputation. Elli Kriel of Ellie’s Kosher Kitchen in Dubai commented, “I have never experienced such a high-performing portal as Totally Jewish Travel before with results that are immediately experienced.”

TJT has a proven reputation of getting results for their clients:

“I just wanted to take a moment to let you know about my experience with your great website Totally Jewish Travel. First of all, I must say that TJT is super sufficient in both terms of ease and speed; additionally the layout is very user-friendly; whenever we are in need of updates to the site the customer service is impeccable. Throughout the years I was able to quickly and easily market my company and get great exposure worldwide. It seems like the people that come to your website are highly engaged travelers within the kosher market. Out of all places that we have been marketing, TJT has delivered the most leads and relevant leads that turn into conversions.

“I have been working with your site for eight years and I’m glad I decided to work with you again this year.

“I would like to take the opportunity once again to thank you for your great service and I am looking forward to many more years working with TJT.”

Joel Berkowitz

Diamond Club Passover

TJT advertises more than 140 Passover programs each year. 2020 was shaping up to be the biggest year for the Passover programs industry with more than 140 programs advertising on TJT. Passover 2021 was still heavily influenced by COVID with very few programs taking place.

Passover 2022 had many successful programs around the world. The industry is coming back stronger than ever. We expect Passover 2023 to be even more successful. We saw programs sell out very quickly in 2022 and are expecting programs in 2023 to sell out even earlier based on the success of programs in 2022.

Raphi Bloom, co-founder of, with more than 20 years of experience in the travel industry, answers some questions about Passover programs and expectations for the upcoming summer vacation.

Has the Passover programs industry recovered from COVID?

Yes. I can say this with absolute certainty. All the programs that operated for Passover 2022 were sold out, many two months before Pesach. At our advertisers were getting hundreds of enquiries right up to two days before Pesach, and then for Chol Hamoed stays from customers desperate to travel for Pesach.

How many programs took place in 2022?

Over 100 programs advertised on, which is more than any other website or newspaper. This was still less than the normal number we carried of 140 before COVID, but I am sure this will recover as some programs who decided to sit out Passover this year will operate in 2023.

What are your expectations for Passover 2023?

It will be back to what it was before COVID, with even more programs and locations to choose from.

What can we expect for summer 2022?

A busy time with lots of choice. We already have hotels in Europe, the USA and Morocco advertising with us, along with some very exciting new kosher cruise options both on the oceans and on the rivers of Europe, plus luxury kosher self catering villas and kosher organized tours. We expect many more summer vacation programs alongside Sukkot vacation programs to start advertising very soon.

Now that Pesach is over, Jewish families are looking forward to their summer vacations. After two years of travel closures and restrictions due to COVID, families can finally plan a real summer vacation. Summer is an ideal time for a family vacation, with kids home from school and many businesses slowing down over the summer., is your one-stop shop for planning kosher vacations. TJT has listings of kosher hotels and kosher tours for summer 2022. No matter where you are on vacation, TJT has got you covered with its full directory of kosher restaurants, synagogues, mikvahs and Chabad houses.

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