June 14, 2024
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June 14, 2024
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Let’s Build Forever! One Israel Fund Dinner on Sept. 19

At a busy thoroughfare in Gush Etzion, three Chayalim are taking a break from their grueling patrol shift on a day of intense Israeli heat. It is well over 100 degrees outside, and with the added weight of their backpacks full of equipment, it feels more like 120! They are thrilled to finally take a break to get some refreshing iced coffee and home-baked cookies, and enjoy the air-conditioned lounge to relax in the area’s Pina Chama (Warm Corner).

Some 60 kilometers up the road, in the town of Kfar Tapuach, the new Central Synagogue begins to take shape. It will be a modern and beautiful new facility that will become the focal point for one of the fastest growing communities in the Shomron.

On the other side of the country, in the South Hebron Region communities of Kiryat Arba, Carmel and Telem, four refurbished ambulances are officially installed in their new homes. One more is delivered to the Jordan Valley, another to Binyamin and yet another in the Shomron. Almost immediately, one is called to the scene of a terror attack.

Three very distinct projects. Three very different scenarios. All made possible through the assistance of One Israel Fund.

For years, One Israel Fund has been renowned for its work in fortifying and securing the towns and villages in YESHA (Judea and Samaria and those reemerging from the Gaza evacuees) against the onslaught of Arab terror that has gripped the nation for so long. As long as that terror continues, One Israel Fund will be there to provide security equipment and training to those who need it most.

But there is another facet of the organization that serves an equally important purpose. Many people are unaware of the countless building and development projects that One Israel Fund spearheads throughout YESHA, as well as other areas throughout Israel in need. These projects cover a vast array of needs, from social and medical, to educational and religious.

The ultimate goal of every project that One Israel Fund undertakes is to make these communities more viable, more secure and a more inviting place to live. This, in turn, attracts new young pioneering families to plant their roots in this epicenter of our Biblical Heartland, and allow the entire region to flourish and grow.

These are not just fanciful dreams. These are reality.

In just 22 years, Israel’s entire demographic and political landscape has been dramatically altered by the work of One Israel Fund on behalf of the strong and impenetrable presence of over 400,000 brave Jewish residents living today in YESHA. This is the power of One Israel Fund’s ambitious mission to build, build and build more! Schools, playgrounds, synagogues, medical and community centers…anything and everything that will help transform the barren desert sand into a vibrant Jewish Community, is within the scope and mission of One Israel Fund.

With this in mind, One Israel Fund will embark on its 22nd Anniversary Dinner next Monday at the Museum of Jewish Heritage in Manhattan. It is the yearly celebration of the organization’s remarkable accomplishments on the front lines in Israel. This year, One Israel Fund will showcase some of its most recent development projects, like the new Pinot Chamot; army respite centers (like the one described above) in Hebron, Michmash and soon-to-be Beit El; the Vests4Israel Campaign that outfitted 300 civilian security chiefs with new armored vests and the newest and most ambitious project to date, the new multi-million dollar Medical Center that will provide desperately needed medical care to over 65,000 residents in the Binyamin Region, the largest Regional Council in Israel.

With the renowned Nachum Segal serving as Master of Ceremonies, this year’s dinner is especially meaningful as One Israel Fund honors Dr. Dov & Amy Snow with the Hakarat Hatov Award. Dov joined the One Israel Fund team in 2014 and in a short time added a new dynamic dimension to the entire milieu of the organization. A new and energetic group of young professionals came together in numerous cities across the country to support the work of One Israel Fund. The enormously successful Play 4 Israel Casino Game Nights in New York, Chicago and Miami galvanized nearly 1,000 new supporters. These events as well as the Annual Siyum 4 Israel Summer BBQs have enabled One Israel Fund to look towards a bright future. These and more were the brainchild of Dov.

Esther Arakanchi began her involvement in the organization when she decided to volunteer for the Five Towns Play 4 Israel Casino Night last year. She had no idea how impactful that decision would become. Earlier this year, Esther took her son, Shabtai, for a whirlwind trip to Israel and spent four days touring sites and projects throughout Judea and Samaria that were fulfilled by One Israel Fund. As she put it, “I needed to learn firsthand what had been described to me about One Israel Fund, so I picked up and visited Israel for the first time in nearly two decades. The four days spent with One Israel Fund was exhilarating and impactful and merely reinforced our commitment to help support this jewel in our own community.” Since that trip, Esther and her husband, Eli, have spearheaded an effort to build a new mikvah in the town of Naale and have become leading advocates on behalf of One Israel Fund in their hometown of Cedarhurst and beyond. One Israel Fund is proud to bestow its Bonei Yisrael Award upon this powerhouse couple.

Of course, young professionals do not take a back seat to anyone. While they may be in the philanthropic world for a shorter time than their parents’ and grandparents’ generations, every organization committed to having a strong future knows how vital it becomes to have a base of support in the under-35 crowd. One Israel Fund is blessed, more than most, with a vibrant young professional base. And from that base are incredible leaders willing to go the extra mile to ensure a campaign’s ultimate success. Gavi and Tali Hoffman of West Hempstead are those leaders. Whether it was spearheading a campaign to provide shlukers (soft, lightweight water packs) for soldiers in the IDF, or encouraging their friends to attend One Israel Fund events like the Play 4 Israel Casino Night or West Hempstead Summer BBQ, Gavi and Tali are people who can be truly counted upon to get things done. While there are scores of deserving young couples involved with One Israel Fund today, Gavi and Tali embody everything the Manhigut Tze’erim Award represents. With the Hoffmans leading the way, the future of the Young Professional Division of One Israel Fund is brighter than ever.

Please take this yearly opportunity to demonstrate your support for One Israel Fund and admiration to the brave residents that it serves. Make a donation that will ensure a bright, strong future for YESHA and the entire Israel. Help us continue to build forever. One Israel Fund’s annual dinner is the only event in North America that pays tribute to all of the 150+ communities throughout Judea, Samaria, the Jordan Valley and those established by the Gazan evacuees. This is our opportunity to show our support and to give them the strength to continue building our Heartland in our Homeland.

Donations and reservations can be made at OneIsraelFund.org/dinner.

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