July 19, 2024
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July 19, 2024
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Linking Northern and Central NJ, Bronx, Manhattan, Westchester and CT

Let’s Return to the Constitutional Track

This super-charged election season provides all Americans the incredible opportunity to use the leverage of their vote to prevail on Congress to set our nation back onto the Constitutional Track, which we left due to an unconstitutional ruling by the US Supreme Court in 1962. The long slide toward totalitarianism began when the Court ruled, in Engel v. Vitale, that “public schools” were actually “government schools,” and erected a “wall” separating the education of children from faith and family values.

By transferring control of America’s children to government educrats and allowing children to be indoctrinated with values often in conflict with that of their parents, this decision led to a drastic change in America’s culture, impacting children of all faiths. The decline of education and family values, along with massive government dominance is a direct result of this misguided Court ruling.

Every American voter now has the incredible opportunity to reverse this devastating decision by prevailing on Congress (202-224-3121) to overwhelmingly support the Education Freedom Accounts Act (S2455/H.R.4426). This will empower all District of Columbia parents to rescue their children from substandard DC Public Schools, and provide them with a quality education at a school of their choice at reduced cost. This will also send a powerful signal to all 50 states on how to set our nation back onto the Constitutional Track by restoring parental rights.

Israel Teitelbaum

Alliance for Free Choice in Education

Morristown, NJ

SAR and WHHS Join TABC in Envision Shakespeare Competition Wins

It is with bemusement that I read the description in the Jewish Link of New Jersey of TABC’s “victory” at the Envision Shakespeare Competition held at Frisch on March 17.

Yes, TABC won the best actor award—shared by the three witches—but they did not win this competition. In fact, the best overall scene and best director awards went to SAR High School, while the most creative scene award went to Westchester Hebrew High School. This information can be verified by speaking to Rebecca Lopkin, founder of Envision Shakespeare Theater.

I would appreciate if you gave credit where credit is due and printed a correction that got the facts right.


Marshall Messer

SAR English Dept. and coach of the SAR Envision Shakespeare ensemble

Providence’s Thriving Jewish Community

Regarding Akiva Covitz’s article “Teaneck: Ir HaKodesh?,” (April 7, 2016), I feel it necessary to share the comments from some (including my niece and her family) who live in Providence, Rhode Island.

There is still a very vibrant community in Providence. New families are continuing to settle in Providence. For a community its size, there are a tremendous number of high-level Torah scholars and a world-class Rosh Yeshiva. Although Sharei Tzedek is no longer, Providence has a day school, a girls’ high school and four Orthodox shuls with Shabbat minyanim. Providence is a hidden gem, a warm place where people are growing spiritually. Having visited Providence, I can tell you that it has everything a Jewish family needs.

Willie Hochman

Fair Lawn

Appreciation for the Tribute to Itch Zeidel z”l

A huge thank you for the absorbing and extremely meaningful article, “Let’s Shine a Light on ALS,” (April 7, 2016). I’ve been following the Hurwitz family’s journey with ALS as have the members of my extended ALS family “chevra.”

As is my routine, I was reading the paper Friday night and came across your article. You seamlessly transitioned into speaking about my wonderful husband, z”l. Since I was spending Shabbos with my daughter, son-in-law and grandchildren, I read the story aloud to them. We all agreed that your words gave us menuchat hanefesh (consolation) in this period of aveilut.

Again, thanks for another eloquent article.

Kol tuv and chag kasher ve’sameach,

Marilyn Zeidel


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