Thursday, March 23, 2023

Each week I look forward to reading The Jewish Link and enjoy your many articles on a variety of topics. I enjoyed your recent article “A Conversation With Dovid Chaim Greenfield, Chayal Boded” (December 22, 2016). However, I was disappointed with the Letter to the Editor that followed, bemoaning the fact that our day school children do not not speak Hebrew properly.

As a Yavneh graduate, it is hurtful when a school is singled out and generalizations are made. Yavneh Academy has always enjoyed the sterling reputation of being a school that offers a fantastic well-rounded education in Judaic, Hebrew and Secular Studies. The reality is that we live in America and our mother tongue is English. Teaching Hebrew is a challenge for all schools, even schools that do it successfully.

Thankfully, Bergen County is a community rich with choices. We have many institutions, each of which offers a stellar education, incredible teachers and administrators, and wonderful parent bodies. JLNJ is an excellent forum to showcase all the great things that are taking place in our schools. Let’s not stoop so low as to criticize any local yeshiva. Rather, let’s take the time to admire Dovid Chaim’s love of Israel, tenacity to learn the language fluently and courage to be an Israeli Chayal Boded.

Rivka (Gershon) Zauderer


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