September 30, 2023
September 30, 2023

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Ma’ayanot Chesed Fair Offers Inspiration and Opportunity

Positive energy and enthusiasm radiated through the Ma’ayanot Student Center on September 29, as Ma’ayanot held its first annual Chesed Fair, an innovative and lively way to introduce Ma’ayanot students to chesed opportunities in their communities. Representatives from a dozen organizations, including After the School Bell, Areyvut, Care One, Community Food Bank of New Jersey, Daughters of Miriam, Friendship Circle, Jewish Family and Children’s Services, Kosher Troops, Project Ezrah, Yachad and Yad Leah shared information about their work and how high school students can contribute their time, talents and strengths. The fair was carefully planned to offer opportunities to commuters as well as Bergen County students. As fair organizer and Ma’ayanot Chesed Coordinator Nina Kaminetsky explained, “Our goal was both to expose the students to the incredible work that our local organizations do to keep our community running, as well as to help the organizations recruit our awesome and hardworking students to volunteer for them. It was wonderful to see the students explore such a wide variety of accessible chesed opportunities!”

According to participating students, as well as organizational representatives, the fair exceeded its goals. Tenth grader Nessa Gulko enthused, “The Chesed Fair was inspirational. Seeing all the organizations set up to try to help people inspires me to want to do chesed as well. And now I see that it is available and attainable.” Freshman Noa Uretsky added, “I’ve wanted to help others but sometimes it was hard to access. Now I see the wide variety of opportunities and how I can easily get involved!” Freshman Maya Rockoff noted, “Ma’ayanot’s emphasis on chesed is so meaningful and refreshing!” Ma’ayanot students’ warmth, openness and politeness excited the visiting organizations. Yad Leah’s representative shared that she was “so impressed with the students and their enthusiasm and yearning to do chesed—kol hakavod!”

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