December 11, 2023
December 11, 2023

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Ma’ayanot Student Life Fair Offers Exciting Opportunities

Ma’ayanot is proud to offer over 70 co-curricular opportunities for students, including academic and athletic teams, performing arts societies, student government, publications, Torah learning lishmah, committees and crews, which are student-created and student-run. According to Rabbi Zev Prince, assistant principal for Co-Curricular Life, “Student activities at Ma’ayanot are designed to offer every student a chance to develop and strengthen skills, talents and interests beyond her academic experience—and to strengthen core values, perseverance and leadership skills. They are also a place to make new friends and have fun!”

Ma’ayanot ensures that all students know about the co-curricular opportunities available to them and which steps to take in order to participate in any area of interest. Ma’ayanot’s comprehensive Student Life Guidebook and the Student Life Fair on October 27, offered freshmen and transfer students the opportunity to explore committees, publications, clubs and crews and learn firsthand from student leaders. At the fair, freshman Estie Greenwald was excited about “all the different ways we can be involved in the school, demonstrate leadership and impact the world.” Student leaders also appreciated the chance to introduce freshmen and transfer students to exciting new opportunities. Senior Tali Novick, editor of the Ma’ayanei Torah dvar Torah publication remarked, “When I was a freshman, I always looked up to the student leaders. I’m excited to teach other students how to get involved!” Senior Leora Lerer, editor of the Sambatyon literary journal, said, “Being a student leader is not about the high position. It’s about helping other students follow their dreams.” The President and Vice President of Torah Activities Programming Shevy Epstein and Ariella Seltzer, explained, “We appreciate that students are part of the decision-making process and have a voice in how our Torah programming runs.” Ma’ayanot is committed to offering each student abundant opportunities to find and express her own voice.

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