February 21, 2024
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February 21, 2024
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Magen David Adom Ambulance Donated In Memory of Aharon Chaimov, HY’D

Rabbi Yosef Chaimov, father of Aharon Chaimov, expresses appreciation after hearing that an MDA ambulance will be dedicated to the memory of his son.

In 2022, Elie Y. and Esther Katz and family of Teaneck, along with other families in the United States, organized and raised money to purchase an ambulance for Magen David Adom (MDA), Israel’s ambulance and blood supply agency. On October 7, the day of the Hamas terrorist attack on Israel, the Katzes were informed that tragically, one of the first individuals killed was 25-year-old Aharon Chaimov, the emergency responder who was driving the Katzes’ MDA ambulance. A senior emergency medical technician and ambulance driver for MDA, Chaimov, HY”D, was murdered while on his way to treat the wounded in his home city of Ofakim.

Eli Bin, MDA director-general, noted, “Chaimov was a person for whom the welfare of others and the value of human life always came first, as was the case today, on this tragic morning.”

Aharon Chaimov, EMT, HY’D

Chaimov is survived by his wife and two children, his parents and siblings. He began his journey in MDA as a service-year volunteer. He later joined the organization as an EMT and subsequently completed the senior EMT and ambulance driver’s course. During his four years in MDA, Chaimov worked with great professionalism and exceptional empathy for patients, the wounded and injured. He served as the community’s duty ambulance driver on weekends, always responding first to a call. Even in the midst of this unprecedented attack on the State of Israel, Aharon did not hesitate, rushing to help.

Elie Katz noted: “We were shocked and distraught as we viewed pictures of the bullet-riddled driver’s side of the ambulance with our family’s name on it, thinking of Aharon Chaimov’s tragic and violent end. To imagine that a hero, a first responder who dedicated his life to helping others could be shot down while serving those in need was incomprehensible. At these challenging times, MDA needs our help more than ever. Our family is committed to raising funds for yet another ambulance for Israel.”

The Katz family with the ambulance they and others donated to MDA in 2022.

He said that they will be dedicating this new ambulance to the memory of Chaimov, HY’D. “We are fortunate that Natalie and Davidi Jonas will be matching all donations, so that any money raised will have double the impact and allow for a speedy acquisition of this most-needed ambulance.”

Rav Tomer Ronen, head of school at Yeshivat He’Atid shared: “When we were visiting Ofakim, right next to the famous Rachel’s house, we had the opportunity to speak with a resident who was helping so many of her neighbors. I noticed a man with his four children nearby. When I started speaking with him he shared that his oldest son, Aharon, had been killed and that the shloshim was that day. He said that his son had been a medic. As we spoke a bit more I learned that the ambulance his son had been driving when he was killed had been donated to Magen David Adom by Elie Katz.” Rabbi Yosef Chaimov was overwhelmed with emotion when he learned that the new ambulance would be dedicated to the memory of his son Aharon, HY”D.

Rabbi Yosef Chaimov and his sons, with He’Atid Head of School Rav Tomer Ronen.

Danny Shtarkman, MDA Ofakim station manager, expressed: “Aharon was a dedicated man who gave his all to save human lives. He was an ambulance driver and EMT with the highest professionalism, and was expected to start the paramedic course in MDA soon. A very responsible and professional individual, always prioritizing the well-being of patients, Aharon was beloved at the station, and it was evident that he loved his job and giving back to others. Aharon was killed while fulfilling his duty on his way to treat the injured. We will deeply miss him. May his memory be a blessing.”

The cost of an ambulance is over $150,000, so Katz seeks to raise just over $75,000, which Natalie and Davidi Jonas will match dollar for dollar.

Pictured, from left: Davidi and Natalie Jonas; Elie Y. and Esther Katz.

Join the campaign to dedicate an ambulance in memory of Aharon Chaimov, and your donation will be generously matched by the Jonas family. To donate visit

Ambulance driven by Aharon Chaimov, with shattered windshield and bullet holes.
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