December 5, 2023
December 5, 2023

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Make Space for Blessings

I am a curious person by nature and love to learn more about people’s stories. I found myself wondering about my friend Gayle Gruenberg, CEO of Let’s Get Organized, LGO for short, a multi-person professional organizing company. I admire her courage in expanding her business from a solopreneurship to a business with an ever-growing count of subcontractors and back-office support.

Gayle explained that everyone in her family is or was an entrepreneur. “It’s who we are.” It was a given that she would design her business with room for growth. I was aware that she was the first chapter president of the New Jersey chapter of NAPO (National Association of Productivity and Professional Organizing), but in addition, the creation of this chapter in 2005 was largely due to Gayle’s efforts in procuring a charter. Gayle’s organizing story began in 1992 when “at a crossroads in her career,” she registered the business name “Let’s Get Organized,” not knowing how she would use it. Fast forward to 2003, Gayle was miserable in her career as a CPA. She took a month leave of absence to “think things through.” During this time, she worked on large home-improvement projects. Her grandmother had recently passed and Gayle’s garage had become a warehouse for Grandma’s possessions. Project number one was to find the right homes for her grandmother’s things and organize the garage while she was at it. She found she enjoyed this process. Without knowing what Gayle was doing, a friend suggested she look into the up-and-coming business of professional organizing. As Gayle explains it, that was an “Aha moment.” Everything was pointing towards Gayle starting her own business. Even the books she was reading for relaxation had a theme of entrepreneurship. For instance, she picked up “Scarlet Feather” by Maeve Binchy, with a heroine who started a catering company.

Gayle now had a calling and a purpose for the business name she had established years before. Occasionally she needed to call in one or two people to help her with large projects. In March of 2013, clients needed to move sooner than previously planned. To make this happen, Gayle brought in a large team. This led to her taking on her first regular subcontractor. Then a woman sent a resume asking if Gayle was hiring. Intrigued, she scheduled the interview. Before she knew it, she had a second subcontractor. The team was now growing! In fact, Gayle executed this move so skillfully that she made a conscious effort to seek out large jobs. This meant she had to become knowledgeable about subcontracting. Her new business model was “multi-person.”

In 2019 she began documenting every part of her business, concretizing her mission statement and her vision, and establishing a structure that can be duplicated. Gayle hired people in the back office to take the administrative tasks that she does not relish off her plate. Artfully, Gayle found people who enjoy and excel at jobs such as billing and social media. Gayle, a people person, remains responsible for sales.

She chose a well-respected business coach who, like herself, is “heart-focused.” LGO’s mission statement is “To bring more love into the world with organizing.” Her core values are gratitude, integrity and spirituality. During our discussion, her spiritual side was evident when she happened to say, “If your home is in order, you are creating a home for Hashem.” The Let’s Get Organized tag line is “Make Space for Blessings.”

Gayle currently offers virtual and on-site organizing. She has the intention to offer LGO’s virtual services internationally, including Israel.

Just as Gayle knew she needed to clear her garage and her home out before she could move on and conceive and create a business, so it is with others I work with as well. I have an amazing client who, several years ago, suffered a major loss. Recently, she reached out to me to help her clear the clutter in her home which developed as she was going through the pain of her loss. She has a strong desire to start her own business. To facilitate this, we are improving her home office by creating a more efficient set-up, clearing the clutter, and designing a welcoming space. It is my pleasure and intention to help her realize her ambition.

As I like to say, “Clutter clogs. Harmony heals.”

For your large organizing projects, you may reach Gayle at [email protected] or 201-613-2733.

Ellen Smith is Central Jersey’s kosher organizer and tzniut wardrobe stylist. For over 14 years, Ellen has helped people restore order and create calm in their homes and souls. Ellen believes “Clutter Clogs, but Harmony Heals.” Contact Ellen for a complimentary phone consultation at [email protected].

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