September 27, 2023
September 27, 2023

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Manischewitz Newark Plant Closes

After over 10 years, the Manischewitz Newark plant will be closing, with all products to be manufactured at various other locations. In 2006, when the plant first opened, Newark Mayor Cory Booker said of the factory that it “makes me the proudest mayor in America. It gives me great nachas.” The 129-year-old company recently decided to close the plant, which never reached its full production potential.

“At a challenging time in the retail and grocery business, we have made the difficult decision to close our plant in Newark,” a Manischewitz spokesman told, a local business news website. “Beginning this fall, our products will be made at more modern New Jersey facilities.” Some of the most successful Jewish food brands manufacture their products at outside plants for the sake of efficiency. The Streit’s plant on the Upper East Side underwent a similar relocation for efficiency purposes.

This closure will result in the layoffs of 169 employees who worked for the plant. Manischewitz announced that it will help these employees relocate and find new jobs in the wake of the closure. A representative for the company commented, “We are doing everything possible within our financial ability to help affected employees find new jobs.”

The layoffs will occur in September as operations at the plant cease. The offices of the Manischewitz executives will remain in Newark despite the relocation of the company’s manufacturing. Manischewitz confirmed that the new manufacturing location will not change the products that are known to belong to its brand. The company said there will be “no change to the current product offerings,” adding, “Manischewitz will continue to offer new and innovative products and packaging for both Passover and year-round.” It intends to remain true to its slogan: “the nation’s largest manufacturer of processed kosher food products and the No. 1 baker of matzah in the entire world.”

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