November 29, 2023
November 29, 2023

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M’Dor L’Dor – In Memory of My Father – Avy Reichman z’’l

We are approaching the first Yarzheit of my father Avy Reichman z”l who passed away last October. My father affectionately known as Saba to his grandchildren and many other friends’ children spent the last nine years of his life, learning mishnayos in a chavrusah with his eldest grandson in Eretz Yisroel. Every day, after the early daf yomi shiur, he called Israel on his cell phone to learn for just 15 minutes a day. Over the nine years they learned together, the completed over two thirds shas mishnayos and made many a siyum. The relationship they built through torah learning is one of incredible closeness and love. It inspired all his children and grandchildren for years, and as we found out while sitting shiva, inspired countless others.

Rebbetzin Esther Lebovic of Beitar Illit, my sister and her husband Rav Pinchas Lebovic decided to honor our fathers’ memory by encouraging other grandparents to learn with their grandchildren. And so, M’dor L’dor was born. Over the past year, many have joined us in this powerful project, and we cherish the emails and photos of grandparents learning together with grandchildren.

At M’dor L’dor, we encourage torah learning. Each time a grandchild learns, he calls or emails to M’dor L’dor and earns a ticket to a monthly raffle. Each month a gift certificate to a local seforim store is awarded, and we have sent prizes around the world.

While children are certainly motivated by prizes, they are motivated even more by making a siyum with a grandparent. They are building a relationship that has a basis in Torah and will last forever. So often, grandparents complain of finding it difficult to connect with their grandchildren, especially when they live far away or across the oceans. Through learning with M’dor L’dor, that distance is bridged and the connection created into an everlasting bond.

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By Stuart Reichman

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