December 6, 2023
December 6, 2023

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Melamed Academy Expands Educational Opportunities

(Courtesy of Melamed Academy) For the past eight years, Melamed Academy has been offering excellent online learning opportunities for students in the Torah community. As a registered New Jersey school with recognized degrees for elementary and high school, as well as a college credit program, Melamed Academy makes the best of online learning available to its diverse student body from around the world.

Online schooling has been an important resource for the Torah community for homeschooling families, children who cannot attend yeshiva for medical reasons, people living in areas where transportation to a yeshiva is not possible, and many other reasons. Children are able to learn a rich curriculum of both Torah and general studies while enjoying the convenience and flexibility of online learning. Melamed Academy graduates have continued at the finest Ivy League colleges and top universities, as well as yeshivot and seminaries in Israel. With a tuition cost that is a fraction of the cost of most yeshivot, Melamed has proven to be a valuable alternative for many families.

Melamed also offers access to an rich array of extracurricular subjects such as art, music and design that allows many students to explore areas of learning that would normally be unavailable to them. Online courses can be used by students in other yeshivot for credit recovery or to learn on a more advanced level. For students struggling in specific subjects, Melamed offers courses to give them an opportunity to get the extra help they need. If someone has passed high school age and wants to earn a diploma, the student can benefit from Melamed Academy’s adult high school diploma program in which students can earn an accredited diploma in six months.

This year, Melamed is expanding its program by opening a learning center in East Brunswick, that will serve to support Melamed’s diverse student body. This will allow Melamed students to enjoy an even more complete experience as part of their remote learning.

The learning center is specially designed to be a place of warmth and guidance where children can feel comfortable and confident in their studies. Students will have the opportunity to be supported in their learning, participate in advisory groups and have expanded educational opportunities including internships and project based learning. Some of the advantages of online learning include being able to learn at your own pace, pursuing areas of personal interest and avoiding the pressure that some children feel in a classroom setting. The center will serve to allow students to form rich, meaningful relationships with advisors as well as peers. Through this social network, supportive learning environment and opportunity for students to pursue their passions, the center is poised to help many children maximize their potential.

To learn more about Melamed Academy, please visit the website at, call (732)228-8800 or email [email protected].

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