June 21, 2024
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June 21, 2024
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Best Jobs for Students in Canada

One of the best things about schooling in Canada, particularly if you’re an international student, is that you can get a part-time job. Canada has one of the best educational sectors, although it can be expensive. Hence, getting a part-time job can help alleviate the cost of living and studying.

Irrespective of your discipline, there are numerous well-paid part-time jobs you can lay your hands on. For example, landing newspaper delivery jobs is a great way to earn extra dough in the country.

So, to help you live a more financially free life while studying, we’ve collaborated with experts from an international job aggregator, Jooble, to enlighten you on the highest-paying jobs for international students in Canada. Let’s proceed.

  • Barista

Working as a barista or server at a café or restaurant is one of the easiest jobs a student can get in Canada. With the ever-increasing number of café and restaurants being opened in Canada, there is an ever-increasing need for more baristas and servers. 

The reason working as a barista is perfect is because of the flexible schedule it offers. But note that working as a barista or server may require you to work at night or on weekends. Also, baristas are not the highest-paid part-time staff. However, you can make up for the less pay with tips.

  • Administrative Assistant

Another job a student in Canada can consider applying for is as an administrative assistant. This job essentially is a supportive role with the duty to distribute and manage information amongst coworkers. Depending on the industry, it may also involve answering phone calls and performing other administrative work. An administrative assistant can work in various sectors, such as:

  • Education 
  • Technology 
  • Government 
  • Finance
  • Legal 
  • Healthcare

Not much skill is needed to work as an administrative assistant. You can easily land if you have good knowledge of office management systems, good writing and verbal communication skills, and strong organizational skills.

  • Translator

Canada is a country with two official languages: French and English. If you’re versatile in any of these and other languages, you can consider applying for jobs as a translator. Translators are one of the most in-demand jobs in Canada. A translator is part of a larger occupational growth called Writing, Translating, and Public Relations Professionals. 

The average base salary of a translator in Canada is about $28.50 per hour. One of the best things about being a translator is that it gives you flexible working hours. As such, there will hardly ever be a time when your dedication to your studies will flicker.

  • Delivery jobs

As the name implies, delivery jobs involve promptly distributing products to customers. Delivery personnel can work with a newspaper, restaurant, or fulfillment company. Generally, as a delivery driver, you will be tasked with delivering various items to different addresses. It may also involve loading, unloading, preparing, inspecting, and operating delivery vehicles.

A delivery job is easy, provided you have a valid driver’s license, a good driving record, and excellent organization and time management skills. As a delivery driver, you will professionally represent the company and ensure customer satisfaction. Working as a delivery driver may be time-consuming and require transporting products over long distances. But the best part is that as a delivery driver, you get paid decently.

  • Customer Service

Customer service is another great job for students in Canada. The job requires you to interact with customers on behalf of a business via an established medium. Depending on the company and position, you may have the flexibility to work remotely or be required to report to an office. 

This job allows you to easily combine your duties and responsibilities with academics. Since you will only be responding to customer inquiries, troubleshooting tech problems, and handling complaints to improve the customer experience and foster loyalty.


This list is only a starting place, as there are several other jobs a student can consider doing in Canada. So, when you want to begin your job-hunting journey, search for local businesses and organizations in your area. See what options are realistically available to you both on and off campus based on your experience and skills. Finally, submit your resume to several establishments to increase your odds of getting called for an interview.


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