March 4, 2024
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March 4, 2024
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Michele Redlich: The South Florida Agent You Need to Know

For over 27 years, Michele Redlich has been one Southeast Florida’s top real estate agents. Having sold over 1,000 properties in her career, Redlich, along with her talented and highly skilled team, have been helping clients carefully and successfully navigate complex real estate transactions, including single-family homes, condos and investment properties. It’s no wonder she’s been named Coldwell Banker’s #1 agent in Southeast Florida for five years running.

From Miami to Hollywood, Redlich specializes in Dade and Broward Counties. Fluent in French, Spanish, Hebrew and, of course, English, she quickly became a top seller shortly after becoming an agent and has sold, on average, a property per week since 1995.

As a top listing agent, inventory is never a problem for her clients looking to buy. “Yes, there are fewer listings than there have been in previous years but I always have listings…There’s always someone who needs to sell. It is just about keeping an eye out for what someone is looking for.”

The minute it becomes available, Redlich’s clients are one step ahead of the competition. “When they’re ready, I find what they want.

“The key is to work with a good agent who knows the market and will inform you and let you know right away what is going on in the market,” she explained.

With Redlich’s team of professionals in place, she is perfectly equipped and ready to meet all her clients’ needs. She regularly updates her clients, so they know immediately when there is a price reduction or if something new comes on the market.

She does say that the biggest mistake buyers make is waiting too long to act. “When they find something that they do like and it’s reasonably priced, oftentimes they start overthinking things and then someone else swoops in and buys the property.”

For buyers who are hesitant to purchase a property now because of higher interest rates, she said, “If you need to buy a house now and you need to take out a mortgage, then yes, it may end up costing you more than it did a year ago. However, if you wait until interest rates fall, then maybe the house you want won’t be available any longer.”

Redlich also explained that those rates, which seem high now, could always go even higher. But down the road, if and when those rates fall, the option to refinance is always there, so it’s better to just buy the property while it’s still available.

Michele is an expert negotiator and has personally negotiated over 1,000 deals; this experience gives her clients a big competitive edge.

“I’m very good at negotiating so that if there’s a big demand for a house, my client usually ends up getting it.” She adds that “a lot of the agents in Miami like to work with me because they know I have a top team; we are honest, and we are easy to work with which helps us get our clients through the door and get the deals done.”

She says that it’s important for buyers to work with someone they trust, someone who understands, and who knows what’s going on in the market to help get them the right property.

“I personally do all the negotiations between all the realtors, buyers and sellers because that’s very important. What you say and what you do is especially important if there are multiple bids on a property and you want to make sure that your client gets the deal.”

But just because it’s a “seller’s market” doesn’t mean prospective sellers can sit back and relax.

“Get rid of the clutter! The countertops should be cleared completely, and everything put away,” Redlich stressed. Nothing chases away a great buyer quicker than a messy, cluttered space. Curb appeal is also a big must since attractive landscaping can help set the tone for how beautiful a house might look on the inside. When prospective buyers see that careful attention to detail has been paid to the exterior of a home, it can inform them that the same care has been given to the interior.

The single biggest mistake sellers make, however, is pricing their properties too high. “Sellers sometimes insist on testing the market, which can come with a costly learning curve,” Redlich cautioned. Sellers end up having to reduce the price to sell and waste valuable time.

Since marketing is a key component to selling a property for a great price, Redlich and her team invest in all the latest tools and techniques that are sure to get results, from professional photography and drone videos to anything else that will help a property shine.

She prides herself on the fact that most of her clients come from referrals. “It’s important that you feel you can trust the person that you are going to work with, and that person should have an excellent reputation.” She explained that her status as a top producer didn’t come out of nowhere.

“People trust me and return to me over and over to help them buy and sell their properties and they give me referrals because they are happy.”

She said that, especially now, when there is less inventory than there was in the past, she knows exactly what’s out there because she is showing all the time and sees opportunities coming up daily that others may miss. “That’s very important because you have to be quick about everything.”

To buy your next property with Michele Redlich, call her at 305-725-3119 or email her at [email protected] Visit her website at

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