Thursday, March 23, 2023

(Courtesy of SwiftHealth) It’s 2023: You’re craving Indian food, so you get na’an and gobi masala delivered to your door within the hour with the click of a button. You wake up in the middle of the night remembering you need laundry detergent for your housekeeper and a graphing calculator for your child; Amazon can get both to you later that day. Life is good—except it would be awfully nice if you could also manage your health and wellness with such simplicity and convenience.

Enter SwiftHealth. The new concierge wellness firm offers at-home urgent care visits, telehealth and personalized IV therapies so you and your family can take charge of your health quickly and without getting out of your pajamas. (And let’s face it, after 2020, all of us see the beauty in anything that lets us linger a little longer in our sleepwear.) SwiftHealth was founded by Aliza Black, PA-C, who is dedicated to innovating solutions for our greater community’s most pressing health and wellness needs.

“I’m blessed with an extremely busy personal and professional life, as many of us in this community are, and I genuinely understand just how valuable our time is,” said Black, whose first company, SwiftTest, helped thousands of clients get fast access to COVID testing in the thick of the pandemic.

“I created SwiftHealth because I want people to be able to care for themselves and their families as easily and efficiently as possible,” Black continued. “My goal is to solve whatever issue it is you’re experiencing and make you well so you can get back to the other things that matter to you.”

SwiftHealth’s clients are diverse: It’s the elderly man suffering from long Covid and in need of a weekly energy boost. The ba’alas simcha who woke up feeling ill and needs a spontaneous vitamin infusion so she can dance at her son’s wedding that night. The busy parent who has a million things to do and needs to get their kid in to see a medical professional before school starts.

SwiftHealth has phlebotomists and lab technicians on call; Black has a significant and interconnected network of diverse professionals to address numerous health and wellness needs. All SwiftHealth nurses are currently ICU-employed hospital registered nurses with extensive experience in administering IV infusions.

SwiftHealth’s medical director, Dr. Annalisa Pastore, is a highly sought-after, Yale- and Harvard-educated holistic physician who works closely with patients to develop integrative wellness plans that often include personalized IV drips.

“In my private practice, I regularly refer patients to infusion therapists for IV nutrients, whether to support recovery from an acute immune challenge or to support the immune system and energy production in chronic infection,” explained Dr. Pastore. “In more specialized scenarios, I might refer a patient for support during chemotherapy treatment or an operative procedure. Detoxification can be an efficient means to encourage optimal psychological health.”

But IV infusions aren’t just for those experiencing chemotherapy or pre- and post-op issues—they can also help anyone experiencing minor health issues, like fatigue, allergies and post-Purim hangover headaches get a quick boost so they can get back to themselves and feel better quickly.

“For a long time, I had thought of IV vitamin drips as very ‘woo woo’ and something only Hollywood celebrities do to give the wellness industry more money they don’t need,” said Laura M., an interior
designer and mom of five in Cresskill. “Then I got the flu, and even weeks after I ‘recovered,’ I was exhausted, depleted and ready to try anything to get back to full steam. A friend recommended Aliza, and an hour after I called, she showed up at my door to deliver an IV drip of customized vitamins. I woke up the next morning feeling like a new person.”

And Mark “Mayor” Farese, a famous entrepreneur and shoe collector known as “king of the sneakerheads,” relies on SwiftHealth for weekly IV infusions and B12 injections. “Working with SwiftHealth has motivated me to take charge of my health and get back in shape,” he said. “After utilizing Aliza’s first company whenever I needed a quick COVID test done at home, it was an obvious choice to continue to work with her. I incorporate IV drips as part of a diet and exercise plan, and I definitely credit SwiftHealth for helping me lose 10 pounds in a month.”

March is Women’s History Month and this past Wednesday was International Women’s Day, and SwiftHealth is reminding women, who are often so consumed with caring for others, to make sure to take care of themselves, too. Get screened, get tested, take a break and take charge of your health. You can only help others put on their oxygen masks once your own is safely and securely affixed.

Visit www.getswifthealth.com  or call 609-270–1137 and follow them on Instagram on @swifthealthiv.

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