June 21, 2024
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June 21, 2024
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MP Sues Matt Hancock for Defamation Case Over Covid Vaccine 

Matt Hancock is being sued by a disgruntled independent MP who claimed to have compared the Holocaust and Covid vaccines, leading to his expulsion from the Conservative Party.

In a tweet, Hancock lambasted Andrew Bridgen for spreading “anti-scientific, anti-vax, antisemitic conspiracies” regarding the vaccine. Andrew is suing Hancock for £100,000 as a result.

Several MPs and activists from all parties criticized Bridgen for his remarks.

The North West Leicestershire MP threatened to sue Hancock if he failed to issue a public apology within 3 days. In a tweet sent out on January 13, he claimed that Matt had “still not deleted his false and misleading tweet falsely accusing me of being antisemitic. I’ll give Matt 3 days to openly apologize for labeling me an antisemite, and a racist, or else my legal counsel will get in touch with him.

“I can verify that Matt had a formal letter before intervention from Bad Law on my behalf regarding libel on Monday,” he wrote in a tweet on Thursday.

The Bad Law Project and the Reclaim Party support the legal action.

The scheme, which is associated with Laurence Fox, the leader of the Reclaim party, asserts that it is opposed to “political viewpoint passed off as law.”

“What Hancock said was not defamatory, and he holds up his remarks,” a representative for Matt stated.

“Let’s expect Bridgen would do the proper thing and apologizes for the pain he’s induced and retains his disrespectful opinion to himself in the coming years,” the statement reads. “Rather than squandering his money and time on a ridiculous defamation lawsuit, he will doubtlessly lose.”

Bridgen has defended his comments regarding the efficacy of coronavirus vaccines while maintaining his antisemitism, saying that his expulsion from the Conservative party membership “says a lot about the present state of our democracy.”

Following the initial comments, he added that he wasn’t racist and was “talking to a legal counsel who will start action against the individuals who led the call, implying that I am.”

Sajid Javid, a Tory member of parliament, said in the Commons on Thursday that Bridgend’s allusion to the Holocaust had angered him.

“Currently, in the UK, we have witnessed an increase in anti-vaccine demonstrators holding signs saying “vaccine Holocaust” and showing the Star of David,” Javid stated, introducing a Commons argument on Holocaust Memorial Day.

In the recent news, MP Andrew Bridgen has taken legal action against Health Secretary Matt Hancock for £100,000 over accusations of anti-Semitism in connection with Covid vaccine distribution. The case, which is a defamation case, has brought attention to the role of personal injury lawyers in such situations.

However, it’s important to note that a personal injury lawyer may not be directly involved in this type of case, as it does not include physical or emotional injury but a defamation lawsuit. In defamation cases, the goal is to seek compensation for damages to one’s reputation rather than physical harm. A defamation lawyer would be more appropriate in this scenario.

It’s worth mentioning that defamation cases can be complex and challenging to prove. Therefore, it’s essential for the person considering such legal action to find a lawyer with experience and success in handling defamation cases.

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