December 5, 2023
December 5, 2023

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MTA Spends a Day in Camp Monroe

On Wednesday morning, before leaving for the annual (post) Lag B’Omer trip to Camp Monroe, Yeshiva University High School for Boys (MTA) talmidim heard a shiur from Rabbi Schenker, who spoke about the importance of talmud Torah in the life of a ben-Torah, as well as the value of a day spent with the entire yeshiva at a place like Camp Monroe. Following Shacharit, the talmidim loaded the buses to the Camp Monroe. Upon arrival, they spent the first time slot learning at the shiur given by Rabbi Schiller, or playing basketball, volleyball, softball and football, among other sports. All the talmidim enjoyed learning and playing sports with their rebbeim—especially interesting was watching Rabbi Kahn playing basketball one on one! Following lunch, Mincha and the yearly senior-rebbe softball game, the second MTA color war was broken out by Rabbi Green and Elie Hirt. Each grade got their own dri-fit T-shirts and the competitions began. The grades played ping-pong, soccer, football, basketball, frisbee and tennis against each other. At the end of the day, everyone was tired, yet satisfied, as they loaded the buses home, looking forward to the next day and the second round of color war. MTA would like to thank Rabbi Green and Elie Hirt for their enormous efforts in creating such an incredible program this year, both in terms of the spectacular Camp Monroe trip and a competitive color war.

 By Noam Putterman


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