September 27, 2023
September 27, 2023

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MWJ Little League to Debut Spring 2024

By Jewish Link Sports Desk

MLB agent Jon Einalhori is a partner at Apex Baseball, a firm that represents Pete Alonso, Will Smith, James Outman and about 35 other major leaguers, and more minor leaguers. Like most American boys, Einalhori’s boys are baseball crazed, and can’t get enough. They participate in the local little league, but the games are mostly on Saturday and pose a lot of challenges, schedule wise of course. Over the summer, Einalhori noticed “thank you pitch clock, but baseball is really gaining steam with the younger kids.” He had a vision for a Jewish little league, mainly centered in Essex/Morris/Union Counties, that would schedule games on Sundays— similar to the TBO /BBO model in Bergen County.

Einalhori told The Jewish Link, “I have had informal conversations with community leaders in the local towns who are ready to mobilize planning, volunteering and interest. I have spoken to our local little league in Livingston as well as some other Jewish little leagues in the area for their input and advice. We are looking at targeting ages 6-13. While I don’t believe we will have enough to make full leagues and teams by age group, I do think we can mix based on location and skill. The teams might not end up being eligible for Williamsport and what not, but my goal is to teach the game I love so passionately in a Shabbat-friendly way, and I’m convinced I’m not alone in that!”

The league is slated to launch in the spring of 2024. For more details reach out to Jon Einalhori at [email protected].

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