April 19, 2024
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April 19, 2024
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My Colleague Ashim From Nepal

Usually I write all about tech and the great uses it has. But with my personal connection to one of my engineers in Nepal, I am stepping out of the tech arena this week and writing about the amazing people of Nepal and the unfortunate disaster that has occurred.

About four years ago, Web development wasn’t something that my company was pursuing, mainly because of the talent and the time needed to do it properly. Funny how you meet people. I needed a logo and went on a very low-end site. I got a response and it was perfect.

The designer told me he was from a Web development shop in Nepal. I was hesitant to hire talent that far away. As a first project, Ashim did our company website. The site was a huge success and is still up today.

What impressed me was the devotion Ashim had to his countrymen. Whenever he felt the work wasn’t up to par, Ashim worried that I would judge his countrymen unfavorably. Via Skype we struck up a friendship. My entire team and family see Ashim as one of us.

When I heard of the disaster in Nepal, my fear was for Ashim and his family. For three long days we heard nothing from him. I will never make fun of Facebook again. Ashim simply put as his status “I am okay.” He has told me that people are living in tents and barely have food or water. Ashim’s uncle’s home was destroyed and he was hospitalized. Ashim sat for four days at his bedside.

Below are excerpts from an email from Ashim regarding the recent disaster.

Ashim writes

“Personally I feel God saved my uncle.

On Saturday my uncle was at home. He is a contractor who is now providing stones and other materials to the Tribhuvan Airport expansion project.

The house that collapsed was a commercial kind of building which had five stories.

The ground floor had a restaurant (my cousin owns it) and the rest of the floor had a motel.

My uncle came to the restaurant along with seven other friends.

Suddenly the house started shaking and they realized it was an earthquake. The chef and other staff (members) managed to run. Unfortunately in few second the whole five-story building collapsed. The ceiling of each flat was on top of each other..

My uncle and his partner were stuck together under the pill(ar)s supported by two fridges that fell and supported the pillar.

(My) uncle’s business partner took (his) cell phone from his pocket and dialed my other uncle for help.

After 4-5 hours the excavator was able to make a small hole and take him out. His partner was rescued after four hours.

Three days and more than 90 shocks made the situation worst. We were scared to go inside. (The) hospital rooms were cracked. We stayed at (a) parking lot for two night(s). We shifted to another hospital but still the sacred heart did not give us courage to go any other floors except the ground floor.

Today we are on 4th floor. I am no more scared now.

I am confused how to ask you for help.

The rescue is still on process.

I am very grateful to all of you and your country for sending quick relief packages.

USA and Israel were fast responder to this aid. We feel the world loves Nepal. But the aid isn’t reaching the people.

If you have friends or families working as the aid facilitator, please make sure that your aids reach right person, right time. Please ask them to track it.

If I can get in contact with the Israel team I can get more helping hands for them.

Thank you everyone.

May God always be with you.”

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