May 28, 2024
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May 28, 2024
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My Jewish Listings Has the Info You Need for Shavuot Programs and Kosher Summer Vacations

(Courtesy of My Jewish Listings) Shavuot, which commemorates the receiving of the Torah at Mount Sinai, is approaching. The holiday takes place seven weeks after Passover because it is believed the Jews received the Torah seven weeks after their exodus from Egypt. It is one of the most joyous occasions on the Jewish calendar.

This year, Shavuot takes place June 4-6, and—the leader for kosher Jewish travel—is your go-to site for details on an array of kosher summer programs for families looking to get away for the holiday. Whether you are looking for a program in Morocco, Cyprus or even Tunisia, My Jewish Listings has the information you need.

The website, which allows users to filter for exactly the types of kosher vacations they are looking for based on prices, amenities, locations and other specifics, offers details on more than a dozen Shavuot programs. As evidenced by the countless pages for various kosher summer vacations, the possibilities for summer vacations are endless, whether a deluxe kosher tour in Beijing, China, is your thing or a country-club getaway in Peru is more your vibe.

For the outdoorsy kosher vacationer, kosher summer vacations are taking place in Yellowstone, Wyoming; Zion, Utah; and Reykjavik, Iceland, and exotic experiences await in Baku, Azerbaijan; Panama City, Panama; and Tuscany, Italy. For beach lovers, there is a myriad of programs happening in Mexico, and if photographing lions, zebras and hyenas in their natural element has always been on your bucket list, there are even kosher safaris in Africa.

Wherever you go, your Instagram photographs are likely to make your friends and family the perfect amount of jealous.

One kosher summer vacation worth mentioning is a summer program in Cyprus. The Summer program—Premier Kosher Holidays—offers a stay on a beautiful beach resort. Three hundred square meters of sandy, ocean-view property, amazing five-star glatt kosher food, trips and excursions at reasonable prices await those who book this program. Airport transfers are included.

“Guests will enjoy a wonderful and relaxing summer vacation in a beautiful five-star beach resort park with great flight connections from anywhere,” said Raphy Solomon, the owner of the Cyprus program called Premier Kosher Holidays.

Additional programs are being held in Connecticut, Greece, New Jersey and Dubai. Most of the Shavuos programs offer opportunities for all-night learning—or Tikkun Leil Shavuot—a key tradition of the Shavuot holiday.

Of course, the dairy-food options will be aplenty, whether guests are craving cheesecake, cheese blintzes or ice cream for the kids. Gaya Tours in Dubai is running a Shavuot program that includes tours and gourmet cuisine in exotic Dubai.

In a review published on the Facebook group of My Jewish Listings, one reviewer said she traveled in 2022 to Crete, Greece, for a Pesach program through operator Gaya Tours and mentioned the food was of the highest quality, superbly organized and the entertainment was excellent. For Shavuot, that operator is holding an excellent program, promising a well-run, professional and memorable experience. The program comes highly recommended.

My Jewish Listings co-founders Doni Schwartz and Daniel Kramer have made it their mission to provide kosher travelers with an easy way to discover reputable kosher summer vacations. Their website,, is a directory of Jewish businesses, kosher restaurants, Jewish travel and Pesach travel. Those in the observant community know they can trust the programs or services featured on the My Jewish Listings website, which is why many give back by leaving reviews for these businesses on the website’s pages.

“As we transition from the busy Passover travel season and look ahead to Shavuot, it gives us a lot of pleasure and nachas to know a family will be relying on our website to find their perfect kosher summer getaway,” Schwartz and Kramer said. “We aim to be a one-stop resource for those researching kosher summer vacations.”

My Jewish Listings has also created and manages an active Facebook community for people to exchange tips and information with each other regarding kosher travel. There are over 2,200 members of the Facebook group Pesach Programs & Kosher Travel Reviews, there are nearly 800 members of the group Kosher Summer Program Reviews and more than 7,200 members of the group Passover Program Reviews.

So, once you’ve visited My Jewish Listings and researched what options are on offer this year, and after you’ve spent a little time in the Facebook groups, take advantage of the many kosher experiences and just book that dream vacation already!

Just remember, pack plenty of sunscreen.

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