December 2, 2023
December 2, 2023

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Naaleh Freshmen Go on an Adventure

The Naaleh freshmen had a fantastic end-of-year trip to the Poconos. The day kicked off with white water rafting down the Lehigh River. The girls had a blast navigating the rapids, singing and engaging in friendly water fights. Later, each girl took a turn on a 900-foot zipline. It was inspiring to see them conquer their fears, cheered on by their friends below. For dinner, they enjoyed a tasty build-your-own Chickies sandwich before boarding the buses back to their mechanechet, Mrs. Bluman’s backyard. There, they gathered around a cozy bonfire to reflect on their freshman year. They roasted marshmallows, had a heartwarming kumzitz and watched a video montage of their shared experiences. It was a fitting end to their day and a memorable way to wrap up their first year at Naaleh.

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