April 16, 2024
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April 16, 2024
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Navigate Aliyah Pitfalls With Olim Paveway

Making aliyah is a deeply personal and transformative journey for many Jews around the world. It’s a decision filled with hope, excitement, and a sense of purpose as individuals and families embark on a new chapter in their lives. However, amidst the enthusiasm, there are many untold truths and challenges that await new olim. From bureaucratic hurdles to cultural adjustments, making aliyah is not without its pitfalls. Moreover, no matter how well prepared new olim feel they are, there are always new complications and surprises ahead. But fear not. Olim Paveway is here to guide you through the process and help you overcome the obstacles to settling in Israel.


The Olim Paveway Story

Olim Paveway was founded by American oleh Rabbi Yaakov Gurwitz. Despite his strong Jewish background and knowledge of Hebrew, he was unprepared for the difficulties and frustrations that come with adjusting to Israeli life. Drawing from his own experience, he decided he would do what he could to make settling in Israel easier for other olim. Together with Ofer Nachshon, an Israeli entrepreneur, he founded Olim Paveway to help newcomers navigate the ins and outs of settling in Israel. Olim Paveway understands the challenges facing American immigrants and is committed to providing personal guidance and support every step of the way.


The Day After Aliyah: The Untold Truths

While the decision to make aliyah can be seen by many as positive, it’s essential to be aware of what lies ahead. One of the biggest hurdles for American olim is navigating the Israeli bureaucracy. From visa applications to residency permits to opening a bank account to choosing the right HMO, the paperwork can be overwhelming. Even if one is fluent in Hebrew, and not everyone is, completing the settling-in process properly is always difficult, especially for those unfamiliar with Israeli living. Simple things we take for granted—shopping for groceries, choosing an internet provider, finding the right furniture or an auto mechanic who’s experienced and trustworthy—can lead to hours of unnecessary aggravation and frustration.

And that’s not counting the cultural cues every newcomer has to learn!

Another often-overlooked aspect of making aliyah is finding suitable housing and employment opportunities. Israel’s real estate market can be competitive and expensive, particularly in major cities like Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. Many new olim have said they were puzzled by how anyone in Israel could afford a home in the first place. Olim Paveway helped find the right solution for them, be it renting or buying, including finding the most cost-effective options for transferring money from abroad to finance that dream house. Similarly, finding employment as an English speaker can be challenging, as many job postings require fluency in Hebrew or specific skills and qualifications.


Olim Paveway Services To New Immigrants

Olim Paveway offers a range of services designed to help new immigrants overcome obstacles to settling in Israel and make their aliyah experience as smooth and successful as possible.

Personal Guidance: Olim Paveway pairs clients with a personal guide, or “Melaveh,” who serves as their dedicated point of contact all through the process. Clients can even arrange this before they arrive! The melaveh provides one-on-one assistance and support, from simple tasks like finding the best places to shop, using public transportation, to navigating bureaucratic procedures, or connecting with essential services.

Local Service Providers: Olim Paveway has established relationships with a network of trusted service providers, or “Sapakim,” who specialize in assisting olim with various aspects of settling in Israel. Most sapakim are successful olim themselves, and we monitor them regularly to make sure that they provide quality service. Whether olim need to find housing, enroll in healthcare, hire a lawyer or an accountant familiar with the legal requirements of Israeli and US legal systems, our sapakim are here to help.

Job Referral Service: For English speakers seeking employment in Israel, Olim Paveway offers ’JobOleh’ – a referral service that connects olim with suitable job opportunities. Our team works closely with employers across various industries to identify positions that match clients’ skills and experience, helping them find meaningful employment in their chosen field.


Olim Paveway: Chutzpah You Need!

Olim Paveway’s tagline “We get things done” is not just a phrase. It’s a promise to put our chutzpah to work for you. That’s because Olim Paveway understands that if you want to succeed in Israel you need chutzpah, and we are committed to using our chutzpah to help you every step of the way.

So, if you’re ready to make your aliyah dream a reality, look no further than Olim Paveway. With Olim Paveway, you can embark on your journey to Israel with confidence, knowing that you have a trusted partner by your side.

Contact Olim Paveway today to learn more about how our chutzpah can help you fulfill your aliyah dream. Visit https://olimpaveway.com to learn more.

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