May 24, 2024
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May 24, 2024
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Netanyahu Gets Our Early Vote to Remain PM

Let history be our judge. April 9 is not the time for Israel to be led by anyone else but Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

So what if it is a record-fifth election? So what of his longevity in passing founding Prime Minister David Ben Gurion?

If we are mentioning the great Ben Gurion, we know that historically he was the visionary and get-it-done person that the then-brand-new state needed. He held the nation together as it announced its independence only to be immediately attacked by the armies of five Arab nations.

Bibi certainly is not a prime minister without flaws. In addition, yes, there are allegations that have to be heard. However, even with the alleged incidents, Israel under his leadership has developed into a world player in areas of agriculture, education, health and technology.

The prime minister has expanded its strategic and economic relations with China, Russia and India. It has made important connections in Africa and created important back channel relations with Egypt, Saudi Arabia and even the UAE.

Yes, this is Bibi.

Never forget his 2015 congressional audience, when the prime minister warned our elected officials that the Iran nuclear deal, brokered largely by the Obama administration, would do nothing but enable a dangerous Iranian regime, hungry for power and control in Israel’s very neighborhood.

While Obama’s administration attempted to isolate the Jewish state to its very last days of power (Sec. of State John Kerry’s derisive Israel screed of Dec. 28, 2016), President Donald Trump chose to favor Israel in decertifying the U.S. role in the so-called JCPOA or Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action.

New elections have been called in Israel, with the PM’s coalition ahead by a sliver, after the recent ceasefire accord he chose with Hamas. While many Israelis take issue with the PM’s inability to pass any legislation that would increase the numbers of religious soldiers serving in the IDF, they must not forget his wins.

Israel has seen its economy expanding and its infrastructure developing and improving.

Immediate polling conducted after the new elections were announced shows that he would win in a landslide.

Israelis, in overwhelming numbers, do not believe he is guilty of any scandalous wrongdoing.

We believe that this spring is not the time to see anyone but Netanyahu sit in the PM’s chair.

As the world becomes a more dangerous and unpredictable place, Israel needs to be led by the very person who has managed effectively to navigate the world’s uncertainty and tyranny.

Bibi needs to stay as PM.

He is the best Israeli to lead Israel…now, in April and beyond.

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