December 7, 2023
December 7, 2023

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As we bring in the new year, we are so thrilled to welcome some new faces at Sari’s Wigs. Together with a job coach, we will be having some of the girls from the Sinai program, located at Ma’ayanot Yeshiva High School for Girls, intern with my staff and me. We are looking forward to giving these girls the confidence and ability to learn new skills and enjoy the work; perhaps they will even make this a career.

I am so lucky to have the clientele that I do. I know my clients will make the extra effort to introduce themselves and make these young women feel valued and appreciated for their efforts.

I want to take this time to thank you all for another wonderful year. I am truly blessed to have the clientele that I have. I am so appreciative to all of you for your patience, kind offers of assistance, and most importantly your tefillot during this time. I want to wish you and your families a K’tiva V’chatima Tova. May you all be blessed with health, inner happiness and shalom bayit in the coming year. Shana Tova to all and may all of our tefillot be answered l’tova!

Sari Friedbauer is the owner of Sari’s Wigs, located in Teaneck. She is a licensed cosmetologist and certified wig maker. She is available for consultations and can be reached at 201-694-5319 via text.

Sari’s Wigs Yom Tov Schedule

Wig Purchases:

**Please text 201-694-5319 ASAP to set up your wig purchase appointment.**

Wash and sets: Last date to drop off wash and sets: September 12. All wash and sets dropped off after September 12 that are needed for Yom Tov will be charged $65.

Drop-Off Instructions for Wash and Sets:

**Drop-offs can be done anytime via the mailslot**

Please place your sheitel in a bag and slip it through the mail slot, with the following information for EACH wig that is dropped off:

1. Your name and cell number.

2. How you would like your wig styled. (Pictures are welcome and can be texted to 201-694-5319. If dropping off multiple wigs, please clearly label the style for each one.

Closing Dates: We will be closed October 4 and reopening October 20.

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