June 15, 2024
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June 15, 2024
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New Releases From Mosaica Press

Living Lulav

Author: Rabbi Binyamin Feldman

The festival of Sukkot, with its mitzvah of the four species, stands at the apex of our yearly spiritual journey. We may feel intuitively that there is something deep, pivotal and beautiful about this mitzvah but have difficulty articulating to ourselves just what it is. “Living Lulav” takes the reader on a journey to the depths of this seemingly mystifying mitzvah, discovering that it reaches the deepest aspects of our being—our capacity for joy, our affinity for true beauty, and our desire for authentic vibrancy—and, in doing so, effects a paradigm shift in our perception of Torah and mitzvot and what they are designed to accomplish. https://mosaicapress.com/product/living-lulav/


A Festival of Torah

Author: Rabbi Binyamin Wurzburger

When understood properly, the Jewish holidays are inspirational, joyous and profound. This monumental book contains nearly 1,000 concise insights into all the Torah and rabbinic festivals, as well as sections on the Days of Awe, the Three Weeks and Tishah B’Av. Extensively sourced, the book is a fascinating and eclectic collection of concepts culled from lesser known commentaries. https://mosaicapress.com/product/a-festival-of-torah/


Of Medicine, Miracles, and Mindsets

Author: Elie and Chaya Rochel Estrin

When their sixth child was diagnosed in utero with complex congenital heart and gastrointestinal defects, Elie and Chaya Rochel Estrin knew they had a tough ride ahead. Their determined battle to save baby Nissi was waged in spite of doctors’ predictions for a six-hour lifespan. It was a struggle inspired by the Jewish approach to life, deep Chasidic insights, and spurred on by overt miracles—resulting in the remarkable medical journey recounted here.

“Of Medicine, Miracles, and Mindsets” is a candid journal of fear and determination, a passionately eloquent yet humorous chronicle of the beauty and the ugliness in hospitals, of patient advocacy, of unwavering parental love and of optimism and trust in God—even under the most trying and difficult circumstances. https://mosaicapress.com/product/of-medicine-miracles-and-mindsets/


The Desert Encampments

Author: Rabbi Alexander Hool

The Torah goes into very great detail about the travels and events that took place during these years, but the time, place and specifics of many of the events have remained hidden between the profound words of the verses, leaving us with a blurred picture and understanding of this crucial period in biblical and Jewish history.

In yet another fascinating and eye-opening study, bestselling author Rabbi Alexander Hool, fortified with detailed mapping and satellite imagery, combines a meticulous study of the text with a plethora of detail, gleaned from diverse rabbinic sources—in a fresh and exciting attempt to unlock the subtle and cryptic Scripture, and fathom the events, the journeys and the significance of the desert encampments. https://mosaicapress.com/product/the-desert-encampments/


Lessons Learned From My Children

Author: Rabbi Boruch Oppen

Brilliant in concept and exceptional in implementation, this innovative book offers a new paradigm for educating and raising the future generation. Comprehensively supported by divrei Chazal, these messages—derived from the day-to-day scenarios of life as a parent—hit home and provide inspiration. https://mosaicapress.com/product/lessons-learned-from-my-children/


Magen Avot: Moroccan Daily Halacha

Author: Rabbi Mordechai Lebhar

A daily infusion of halacha in the order of the Shulchan Aruch, focusing on Sephardic p’sak halacha, particularly through the lens of the Moroccan poskim.



Baderech: Along
The Path of Teshuvah

Author: Rabbi Judah Mischel

Replete with powerful stories and illuminating, practical wisdom of the tzaddikim, “Baderech” is a vital companion for spiritual “travelers” at every stage, yearning to uncover their own path toward teshuvah. https://mosaicapress.com/product/baderech/


The Art of Tefillah

Author: Rabbi Shlomo David, Rav Daniel Glanz

Gifted educator Rabbi Shlomo David provides readers with a precious glimpse into the profound teachings of Rav Daniel Glanz on prayer. The ideas presented in this sefer serve as a guide to energize and empower readers to open their hearts to Hashem—and in turn be open to receive His blessings. https://mosaicapress.com/product/the-art-of-tefillah/

Rav Asher Weiss on Mo’adim—Elul and the Holidays of Tishrei

Author: Rav Asher Weiss

With his mastery of halacha, leadership and an open heart and door to every Jew who needs him, Rav Asher Weiss, shlita, has quickly become known as one of the leaders of our generation.

In this series on the mo’adim, Rav Weiss’s captivating drashas are presented, greatly enriching the reader’s experience of the Yamim Tom with depth, knowledge and understanding.



The Transformative Daf: Rosh Hashanah

Author: Rabbi Daniel Friedman

Now that you’ve learned the daf, how will your life be transformed?

Whether you’ve been doing daf yomi for years or you’re not quite ready to commit but want to be part of the daf yomi global movement, there’s something in “The Transformative Daf” for everyone.

It’s about joining the conversation. It’s about talking over the daf with your family, your friends, your colleagues. It means never being short of a discussion-starter or a meaningful dvar Torah.

Every page of the Gemara, every word, every letter, contains the secrets of the universe to achieving a life of simchah and purpose. Transform your life today!



Faith at Work

Author: Jeff Weinberg

With Faith at Work, written by Jeff Weinberg, a co-founding partner of Meridian Capital Group, you will discover that you can turn your career, profession, or business into a spiritual endeavor—ensuring that you are living and making a living the way you should be!

Spiced with beautiful stories from tzaddikim throughout history and anecdotes from Jeff’s vast personal experiences and those of his colleagues, “Faith at Work” brings a refreshing, relatable approach that is easily palatable to anyone who has ever sat behind an office desk or worked in the field while trying to support his or her family. https://mosaicapress.com/product/faith-at-work/


Psychology and Personal Growth in the Torah

Author: Rabbi Shimon Feder

“Psychology and Personal Growth in the Torah” is a collection of inspiring and intriguing weekly emails on the parsha of the week that were sent to thousands of readers. These divrei Torah have piqued the interest of both observant and non-observant Jews through their novel insights and themes relevant to everyday life.

For all knowledge levels and backgrounds, this edition is a perfect accompaniment to the Shabbat table, an enjoyable independent read, and a useful tool for Torah teachers.


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