June 12, 2024
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June 12, 2024
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NJJBA Holds Annual Legislative and Business Lunch

The New Jersey Jewish Business Alliance’s (NJJBA) Seventh Annual Legislative & Business Luncheon offered a number of notable presentations, as well as networking opportunities prized by many. The program featured a welcome from Ezra Friedlander, CEO of the Friedlander Group, with Nahum Segal serving as master of ceremonies.

NJJBA presented an Excellence in Leadership Award to Assemblywoman Eliana Pinter Marin (District 29), which was accepted by Assemblyman Gordon Johnson, and Maimonides Awards to vaccine producers Johnson & Johnson and Pfizer, accepted by a senior executive of each company.

A “NJ Decides 2021” forum featured remarks by former New Jersey Assemblyman Jack Ciatterelli, Republican candidate for governor, and Assemblyman Gary Schaer, on behalf of incumbent Governor Phil Murphy, Democrat.

Ciatterelli joked that, like many in the audience, he was suffering from PTZD—post-traumatic Zoom disorder—and was happy to meet with the group in person. Making a case for a change in state leadership, Ciatterelli pointed out that New Jersey has the highest property taxes in the nation, desperately needs a more equitable school-funding formula, is ranked as the worst state in the union for doing business and urgently requires efforts to streamline and modernize state government, “a $45 billion a year enterprise.”

Schaer praised Governor Murphy for “leading the fight against antisemitism in New Jersey” and said that the governor is recognized across the country for his support of small businesses, with New Jersey ranking 3rd in the U.S. for grants to small businesses to help them recover from COVID-19 restrictions. He said that the state is considered a national model for its response to COVID-19, with 1.04 million cases and 58.5% of the population now vaccinated, and that the state also boasts of a strong and robust NJ/Israel Commission, generating $1.33 billion in trade, and has increased state aid to nonpublic schools by 27%.

Entrepreneur and philanthropist Brock Pierce offered a keynote address on the growth and impact on crypto-currencies. Pierce stated that crypto-currencies create a system of finance that offers greater transparency and accountability and urged more businesses to embrace this option.

NJJBA Executive Director David Rosenberg shared, “We were very glad to be back in person, at the same time it was important for us to recognize those who helped us get here, and that’s exactly what we did. We are looking forward to the economic recovery and believe that the NJJBA and its members will come out stronger and better from the pandemic.”

“I’ve been privileged to be associated [with] and part of the board of the New Jersey Jewish Business Alliance since its inception,” said Philip Goldschmiedt, president/CEO of Poly-Version, Inc. in Jersey City. “The executive director and founder David Rosenberg is a very politically connected and savvy chasidic young man who really impressed me and had a great vision that I wanted to be a part of, and I’m glad I did.

“The Seventh Annual Legislative & Business Luncheon was yet another example of great networking and great content… If you’re a New Jersey business interested in advocating for your business please consider joining the NJJBA.”

“It’s absolutely essential that we do all we can to encourage businesses to thrive, after the difficult year and a half we’ve had,” said Mayor Brad Cohen of East Brunswick. “That’s why events like those of the New Jersey Jewish Business Association are so important. They allow business leaders to make connections and learn new perspectives that can help them expand their reach.”

“It’s wonderful to see so many people engaged with NJJBA,” said Jeff Grayzel, the mayor of Morris Township and also a candidate for State Senate in Legislative District 25. “Businesses are facing unprecedented challenges and it’s great to see NJJBA bringing together our community to address pressing issues like the hiring crisis and the retirement market. Small businesses employ half of New Jersey’s private workforce, and we need to ensure they have the tools and resources available to be successful, and that takes leaders in Trenton working across the aisle to pass legislation that supports our local business economy.”

“Saint Peter’s University is always looking for partnerships to serve our community and expand opportunities for our students,” said Ginger Gold, executive director of the Guarini Institute for Government and Leadership and director, master of public administration program, at Saint Peter’s University. “The NJJBA provides us with access to a wide network of leaders in government and business who share our interest in paying it forward and strengthening the next generation of leaders.”

Initially formed as the Hudson County Jewish Business Alliance in 2014, the group expanded and became the North Jersey Jewish Business Alliance. The organization has grown much further in scope and membership and rebranded as the New Jersey Jewish Business Alliance (NJJBA) in 2020. The NJJBA seeks to build an extensive network of Jewish business owners in New Jersey and to provide them with referrals and introductions, educational activities, business forums and other enrichment opportunities. The NJJBA also publishes an Alliance directory that offers a wealth of information on government contacts and demographic information in New Jersey, as well as minyan map and a listing of all its business members.

For more information, visit www.njjba.com.

By Harry Glazer

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