April 19, 2024
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April 19, 2024
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Linking Northern and Central NJ, Bronx, Manhattan, Westchester and CT

Editor’s note: Adira Rose Koffsky, z”l, passed away on Feb. 1 in Jerusalem. She was eulogized in this space last week by Dr. Julie Goldstein, director of Adira’s seminary, Amudim. Adira’s mother told us that Adira loved to write, and used her writing to tell both fantastical stories and share her thoughts on deeper issues. From her mother, Ann: “It’s funny to read her poem about being ‘normal’ because all who knew her well were utterly sure that she was exceptional. Adira always wanted to be a published writer, and thanks to The Jewish Link … now she is.”

You’re probably expecting something dramatic

Something ecstatic, something traumatic

To cry out your tears until you can’t no more

Thing is, my life’s kinda a bore

I’m as normal as anyone could be

I have good friends, and a good family

With two legs, and I use them to stand

Five fingers on each of my hands

Want to hear about my life plans

Of course you don’t

That’s the curse of being happy

No one knows a thing about me

After hearing this, would you want to stay?

There’s more interesting people not so far away

Broken kids you think you can fix

And heroes you worship, add that to the mix

And once you have this big, giant pit

Where do all the normal people fit?

I know, I’m being ungrateful

I don’t mean to sound so hateful

It’s just, when everyone tells you you’re special what do you do when you’re not?

There’s a moment in your favorite book

Where the troubled girl takes a look

At me and wishes she had my life

Free of troubles, free of strife

Then she carries on and it never comes up again

The normal girl gets forgotten

Cause you’re not the main character, you’re the life she longed for

A what-if and nothing more

Your fate was sealed long ago

So know your place and keep your head low

Next time you see a normal girl don’t walk away

Make her feel special for just one day

Because we want our own stories but try as we might

Normal girls just don’t get the spotlight

Donations for the Adira Koffsky Memorial Fund should be directed to the Eitz Chaim of Dogwood Park Rabbi’s Fund. Click on this link: https://eitzchayim.shulcloud.com/payment.php.

On the “Type” pull down menu, select “Rabbi’s Fund” and then write Adira Koffsky in the notes. 

May Adira’s memory be a blessing.

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