May 18, 2024
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May 18, 2024
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Linking Northern and Central NJ, Bronx, Manhattan, Westchester and CT

November 2016 Local Election Highlights

We present a summary of several key races for the November 2016 election as well as some community member candidates we have recently highlighted in our pages. Please refer to local ballots for specific voter information.


The State of New Jersey has two legislative measures on the ballot.

Question 1 would allow two additional northern New Jersey counties to open one casino each, and end the casino monopoly Atlantic City has held for decades.

Question 2 would dedicate all revenue from gas taxes to go directly into the Transportation Trust Fund (TTF) to be used toward transportation projects, rather than only part of the taxes. (NOTE: A ‘no’ vote would force lawmakers back to the bargaining table and could possibly nix the recently elevated gas tax.)


New Milford: Council

Ari Weisbrot (D)

Weisbrot is a litigation attorney. He has served on the New Jersey’s Supreme Court’s Committee on Character. Weisbrot said he hopes to fix the condition of the roads throughout New Milford, improve trash collection, beautify commercial areas and offer tax incentives to business owners in order to attract a more profitable tax ratable. He is a member of Congregation Keter Torah.



Ora Kornbluth (D)

Kornbluth served on the town zoning and planning boards before her election to the Borough Council in 2010. She is also the business director at Yeshivat He’Atid. In 2015 she ran against Norman Schmelz in an unsuccessful attempt to become the borough’s first female mayor. She is a member of Congregation Beth Abraham in Bergenfield.

Teaneck: Board of Education

Martin Ramirez, a former public school teacher in Los Angeles, is a lawyer and a resident of Teaneck for the past nine years. He worked for the energy regulatory market and now works as a lawyer in Stamford. He and his family are members of Congregations Arzei Darom and Netivot Shalom.

Teaneck: Council

Councilwoman Gervonn Romney Rice is running for a full term, after she was appointed to fill a seat vacated by the passing of Mayor Lizette Parker earlier this year. Romney Rice is a former member of the Teaneck Board of Education and is running unopposed.

Bergen County Sheriff:

Michael Saudino (D)

Saudino has been sheriff of Bergen County since 2011, and is a long-time veteran of law enforcement even prior to that time. He plans to continue his goals of supporting lower spending and improving public safety.

Congress, 5th District:

Josh Gottheimer (D)

Gottheimer worked as a speechwriter for former President Bill Clinton and was also a senior adviser to the chair of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights. He will focus on bringing more jobs to the district, improving our crumbling roads, bridges and tunnels, repairing the tax code and, overall, delivering common-sense solutions. Prior to announcing his candidacy, Josh was general manager for corporate strategy at Microsoft.

Scott Garrett (R)

Garrett was first elected to represent the 5th District in New Jersey in 2002 and is now in his seventh term. Over the past 14 years, Garrett has been active in Congress and served on many different House committees. He has fought for small business and self-employed individuals, as well as increasing fiscal restraint and promoting greater transparency in federal spending.

In addition to these highlights, the election also includes county freeholder, surrogate and county clerk.


West Orange: Board of Education

Sharon Sherman

Having been a pension and tax attorney for 20 years, Sherman left that field to pursue a career in education. She has taught for over 10 years in elementary school and is currently a STEM curriculum creator and teacher. She is committed to providing the best possible education for children and setting high expectations for achievement based on each child’s ability.


East Brunswick: Mayor

Brad Cohen (D)

Cohen has served on the East Brunswick Board of Education for many years, and as the president of the board for the past two years. The East Brunswick school system is regarded as one of the top school systems in the state. As mayor, Cohen hopes to improve the Route 18 corridor as well as listening to and addressing other issues East Brunswick residents wish to be addressed.

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