April 9, 2024
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April 9, 2024
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Occupy Wall Street Chulent For An Army


Makes at least a gallon. If you want to make it fleishig, add a pound of your favorite stew beef.

Throw the ingredients below into the biggest pot you own, minimum 5 quarts, and season to taste. Add sriracha if you like it hot.

2 large onions diced and browned

¼ cup chopped garlic from the jars

¼ cup of olive oil

1 can each of red kidney beans, white beans, black beans

1 cup of pearl barley—not the flattened stuff

1 cup of lentils

¼ cup of paprika

1/2 cup of ketchup

1 cup of Turkish Ajvar

1 can of tomato paste

11 oz. of sliced baby Portobello mushrooms (1 box)

4 med. potatoes diced

½ cup powdered pareve soup base, beef or onion flavor (Osem)

enough water to fill the pot

Put the flame on low, and keep your eye on it. Make sure you stir the pot every 10 minutes or so to make sure nothing is sticking to the bottom. Add more paprika, ketchup, salt and pepper as you go, until you get the tang you are looking for.  This can be served in martini glasses if you like irony, with a topping or side of pico de gallo. Should take 3-4 hours to get to that perfect, thick, almost creamy consistency.

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