September 30, 2023
September 30, 2023

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One Size Fits What at Weddings?

Michael Feldstein’s thoughtful article opened a Pandora’s box of likes/dislikes about weddings:

I presume most agree that the music is too loud. At one of our children’s weddings I recall my wife telling the musicians that they wouldn’t get paid if the music was too loud. (A hollow threat.)

Stepping back, the wedding “event” addresses several different clients/audiences.

The bride and groom—it is their simcha.

Both sets of parents.

Contemporaries of the bride and groom—usually in their twenties. Some single, some married.

Contemporaries of the parents (relatives/friends/business associates—usually aged 40 and up.

Children—usually younger siblings and nieces and nephews of the bride and groom.

And let’s not forget the halachic aspects of the chuppah.

Clearly, one size fits none!

We should all share in simchas.

Carl Singer

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