April 24, 2024
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April 24, 2024
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Online Platform See Be Shop Empowers Kids

Leading clinical child psychologist Dr. Chassia Boczko has launched See Be Shop, an interactive website for kids and families that offers classes, activities and retail shopping. Throughout her 20 years in private practice, Boczko has always aimed to empower children through a multi-faceted approach. See Be Shop is built on that same platform, with its primary focus being the empowerment of children.

Boczko, who currently practices in Woodmere, New York, provides service and consultation for children, families, teachers and staff at recognized institutions and schools in the tristate area. She has many ties to the Bergen County community, both personally and professionally.

Since the start of the pandemic, Boczko has been on the front lines in providing emotional support to children and families. She imagined the idea for See Be Shop at the height of COVID-19, when she realized that during these uncertain times, kids in particular might be wondering what lies ahead.

“I started sending reassuring messages to my patients, which inspired me to go further and develop a platform that empowers kids and families to see, give and connect with others,” she said.

Like its name, the site comprises three components: see, be and shop. When creating the website, Boczko sought to develop programs, products and activities with other individuals and professionals whose ambitions and goals align with her own.

“There is something for everyone on this website,” said Boczko, adding that in addition to the paid services and retail products, there is a ton of free information, advice, downloads and activities to be found.

The See part of the website is meant to engage kids and families during this particularly challenging time when so many people are at home without much structure in their daily lives. The site offers resources including anecdotes, links to articles, ideas for kids, free downloads, and TikToks. Boczko encourages kids and adults to go online and share thoughts and ideas with one another, creating a sense of community.

For Be, Boczko created the hashtag #GoBe which is meant to inspire kids to be who they want to be without reservation. “I want kids to understand that they could explore different elements of being a kid in an uninhibited way,” she said.

Whether you like art, music, food, magic or beauty, See Be Shop gives you access to exciting online classes by service providers who are excellent in their specialties.

Boczko believes there are advantages to Zoom sessions. “You can now access people very easily who beforehand might have been difficult to connect with,” she noted. For some children, there is an upside to being able to join something from the privacy of your home, and mom doesn’t have to carpool to get you there, she joked. With so many camps cancelled this summer, Boczko believes her platform is even more relevant.

Boczko is excited to collaborate with experts like famed foodie Naomi Nachman, hair guru Dini from Dini wigs and Eric Wilzig of Extreme Magic, who will all lead classes in a fun and interactive way.

Shop, the retail side of the website, offers high caliber vendors who, like Boczko, want to empower children. “We only take companies that showcase themselves as wanting the betterment of children,” she said. “All vendors featured not only offer beautiful products, they also have beautiful hearts.”

“Without a doubt, the GoBe powerpacks are our best seller,” said Boczko, who has partnered with well-known children’s accessories designer Bari Lynn to create beautifully presented packages that contain special objects meant to promote empowerment. The powerpacks come in three versions, unicorn, happy rainbow and girl power, each targeting a different age group. “Each package is filled with seven special creations from Bari Lynn,” said Boczko, who added that the powerpacks are a retail representation of the platform’s core message.

Influencers like Elizabeth Sutton, an artist known for her whimsical and glittery creations, are taking to Instagram to share their excitement as they unbox their powerpacks. Sutton, together with her daughter, shared a video of the two opening the package together, which she described as a beautiful gift meant to inspire kindness and creativity.

Boczko likens the powerpack to a butterfly experience, hoping each recipient will take what she receives and soar higher. Boczko plans to add additional products to the boutique shopping experience and assures shoppers that there are a variety of options that suit both girls and boys.

Boczko, who wears many hats, says her most important role is being a mother to her four children. She believes they continually offer her insight into what children need and want.

What started with daily messages of encouragement to her patients has quickly blossomed into a website that is empowering kids to follow their dreams. “My motto has always been go big or go home,” she said. Boczko hopes to continue expanding See Be Shop, adding new classes and vendors daily.

For more information please visit www.seebeshop.com� or on Instagram @see.be.shop.

By Andrea Nissel

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