December 9, 2023
December 9, 2023

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OU’s Torah Initiatives’ All Daf Holds First Siyum for Completing Maseches Berachos of Daf Yomi Yerushalmi

(Courtesy of OU) This past week, the Orthodox Union’s Torah Initiatives’ All Daf held its first siyum for completing Maseches Berachos of Daf Yomi Yerushalmi. Drs. Judd and Chassia Bozcko hosted the event in their home in Woodmere, New York for 75 participants.

Veteran OU Torah and All Daf magid shiur Rabbi Shalom Rosner delivered a shiur on the last daf. Rabbi Chaim Aryeh Zev Ginzberg, All Daf magid shiur and rav of Chofetz Chaim Torah Center in Cedarhurst, New York shared divrei bracha. OU Board Member Morris Smith and donor Yaakov Spinner were honored with the Hadran and kaddish, respectively. Executive Director of the OU’s Torah Initiatives Rabbi Moshe Brandsdorfer and Director of the OU’s Daf Yomi Initiative Rabbi Moshe Schwed also attended.

Maseches Berachos took three months to complete. The full Daf Yomi Yerushalmi cycle will take over five and a half years.

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