May 18, 2024
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May 18, 2024
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Linking Northern and Central NJ, Bronx, Manhattan, Westchester and CT

If you were so fortunate

And happened to meet,

Our big brother, Reuven, z”l,

Out on the street,

The first thing you’d notice,

And sensation you’d feel,

Was his wide and bright smile,

And his simcha so real.

And then you’d be caught

By the warmth of his eyes,

A peek into his depth,

So caring, so wise.

To each different person

He knew what to say,

And for each individual,

Just how, in what way.

Then in his simple, unassuming way,

He’d say just the thing

To add sheen to your day.

And if you were luckier yet,

And had a real talk,

You’d get a small glimpse

Of the path he did walk.

And in those few minutes

You’d get a fair share,

Of his positive humor

And hashkafa, so clear.

He excelled at relationships,

A giver par excellence,

Put everyone else,

Before his own needs and wants.

A master of balance—

everything in right measure.

The right time for what,

Everything was a pleasure.

If you were so fortunate

and happened to see

Our big brother, Reuven, z”l

At home, with family,

You’d get a good lesson

on what true chinuch is,

You’d see his excitement,

and love for his kids.

With pictures of gedolim

covering the walls,

And Hashem’s beautiful nature,

Adorning the halls,

The fridge is almost plastered

With smiles on faces,

Of family and friends

from all different places.

A Makom Torah,

That was his place,

You could feel it and see it

In every corner of space.

He kept his focus,

with constant ascension

An Eved Hashem,

without commotion or attention.

Reuven, z”l, dear brother,

You’ve shown us the way,

You will still keep on guiding us,

“What would Reuven say?”

Your pleasantness, sweetness

with true Ahavas Yisrael,

Are areas we strive for,

and we’ll try to excel.

Your thirst for Torah,

Your emes, your gvura, such might,

we look up to them

as our guiding light.

We are davening and know,

It won’t be too long,

Before we all dance together

with simcha and song,

with the coming of

the ultimate yeshua,

When Hashem reveals all good,

with the final geula.

By The Bauman Siblings


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