November 29, 2023
November 29, 2023

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Over the Kosher Kitchen Sink Back to School In a Wrap

Inspired by a recent meal at our new local kosher Mexican restaurant Burrito-lam (featured in this very paper a couple weeks ago!), I was reminded that meals in a wrap are a good Back to School and work item to highlight. Much like a burrito encases rice, veggies and protein in a neat package, wraps make quick work of a variety of leftovers and can be tailored to the vegetarian, meat eater and everyone in between. For a change of pace and a neater eating process cut wraps into thirds. Here are two quick and tasty options and some leftover ideas using any store bought wrap or soft tortilla.

The Reuben Wrap:

For each wrap, spread with mustard and Thousand Island dressing. Top with a couple of slices of corned beef and either sauerkraut or coleslaw, add a few thin slices of pickle. Roll and slice widthwise and wrap well for lunch.

The Taco Wrap:

Tabatchnik soup in the freezer section makes a good and economical pareve chili. One box will yield at least four-five wraps. Leave chili in fridge over night to thaw.  For each wrap sprinkle some shredded iceberg lettuce and sliced or chopped tomato and sliced or chopped avocado. Top with the tabatchnik chili and some cheddar cheese. Roll and slice widthwise and wrap well for lunch!

Good leftover wraps:

1) shredded leftover brisket with salsa or bbq sauce for a Texas pulled brisket BBQ wrap

2) tuna, hard boiled eggs sliced, lettuce, green beans and Caesar dressing for a salad Nicoise wrap

3) sliced hot dogs, baked beans and rice for a kid friendly take on the popular burrito

4) salmon, rice, lettuce and shredded carrot with some horseradish and mayo for a sushi wrap

5) depending on how daring your kid is, mine would bring chulent, kishka and leftover deli for a shabbos lunch on Monday wrap!

6) And the always popular… leftover schnitzel drizzled with hot sauce and honey for a fire poppers wrap!

Chavie Hagler and Rayzel Yaish are two Bergen county based full-time working mothers who have a passion for delicious food! We are delighted to bring you Over the Kosher Kitchen Sink.  We hope enjoy our tasty thoughts and will share your questions and kosher food ideas with us at

By Rayzel Yaish

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