April 14, 2024
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April 14, 2024
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Weeknight Suppers

We returned from the special rush of Passover preparations and holiday food and have resumed the daily grind. One of the challenges we all need to meet is the ability to prepare quick and simple meals on a regular basis. Some households have a weekly schedule of meals, a good friends says hers is something like this: Sunday–leftovers, Monday-dairy pasta/pizza, Tuesday–something with ground beef, Wednesday–Fish, Thursday–Schnitzel/Chicken.  She has a few different options for each day.

Here are two creative twists, learned from a friend, for two favorite weeknight specials in most rotations Meatballs and Tacos that also include veggies. These are enjoyed by all in very little time to table!

Mini Shwarma Meatballs

For the Meatballs (Or use your favorite recipe just add one Tbs Shwarma spice and form into mini balls)

One lb. Ground beef/chicken/veal/turkey

Two eggs

½ cup Jason’s brand flavored breadcrumbs

2 Tbs water

1 heaping Tbs Shwarma spice


One English Cucumber

2 medium sized Tomatoes

Kosher salt

Prepared Tehina (or your favorite Caesar Dressing if no Tehina available.

8 mini pitas or 4 large pitas

Mix meat, eggs, breadcrumbs, water and spice. Form tiny meatballs and either gently fry in a lightly oiled skillet or bake on a cookie sheet.  (You can freeze these meatballs raw on a cookie sheet and then store in a Ziploc bag, for later use). Chop cucumber and tomato add salt to taste. Place salad, mini shwarma meatballs and dressing inside split pita. Enjoy.

Baja Fish Tacos

One bag coleslaw mix or shredded cabbage

2 Tbs Lime juice

¼ cup sugar or equivalent in sugar substitute

8 taco shells

One box frozen fish sticks

Mix the cabbage with lime juice and sugar or sugar substitute. Prepare fish sticks according to package instructions. Warm Taco shells in oven or microwave. Place two crispy fish sticks in each taco. Top with coleslaw. Serve the extra cabbage mix in a bowl on the table as a side dish. Serves 4 at two tacos per person.

By: Chavie Hagler  and Rayzel Yaish

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