April 15, 2024
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April 15, 2024
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Passaic Residents Are Urged to Vote in Tuesday’s Election

On Tuesday, May 9, there will be an election for mayor and three seats on the city council of Passaic. We ask that you support the election of Mayor Hector C. Lora (2A) and the re-election of Councilmembers Jose “Joe” Garcia (2B), Dr.Terrence Love (3B) and Daniel J. Schwartz (6B).

All of these candidates appear on the ballot with the slogan —Team Passaic: Lifting Our City UP.

Mayor Lora has previously served the city of Passaic as both a councilman and Passaic County freeholder where he was honored with the position of director of the freeholder board. His close relationships with the county government will be a significant asset to our city. During his short tenure, Mayor Lora has already proven his ability to secure significant grant money from county and state governments including $5 million for the design of the Passaic River Walk and $1.7 million to complete the renovations of Third Ward Park.

Working as part of a team that represents the diversity of our city, these candidates have served with distinction on the city council and are committed to keeping taxes as low as possible, while delivering the essential services that our city needs. To keep taxes as low as possible, the city has maintained its five-year hiring freeze on new personnel and streamlined services to generate cost savings. Each budget item is carefully examined in order to achieve the lowest possible tax levy.

Importantly, over the past few years, the efforts of the mayor and city council to encourage redevelopment in the City have borne fruit, with several major projects under development. These projects are expected to generate significant ratables, easing the tax burden on homeowners. We will continue to tirelessly investigate all avenues to minimize the tax burden on homeowners.

Security and public safety are a major concern and the council has worked closely with local, county and state law enforcement to ensure a heightened awareness and increased patrols on Shabbos and Yomim Tovim. Workshops have also been conducted with representatives of various neighborhood organizations and Shuls.

B’H, our community continues to grow, and our community organizations have received municipal support in their building process. The local Shuls and Yeshivos know that they need only contact us and they will receive assistance. It is only due to our unity that we are able to ensure the continued vibrancy of our community.

We thank you for your recent support of our successful candidates for board of education. Our community’s involvement was critical to the success of our candidates. We ask that you once again take a few minutes of your time on Tuesday, May 9, to vote for:

Hector C. Lora (2A)

Joe “Jose” Garcia (2B)

Dr. Terrence Love (3B)

Daniel J. Schwartz (6B)

Polling locations are open from 6 a.m. until 8 p.m. Please try to vote in the morning, if possible, to avoid traffic delays on the commute home.

We are very appreciative of your continued support. Thank you.

Chaim M. Munk
Gary S. Schaer
Daniel J. Schwartz
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