July 23, 2024
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July 23, 2024
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Passover Listings’ Reviews Prove Invaluable for Planning Pesach Getaways

(Courtesy of Passover Listings) Passover will be here in a few months, and people deciding where to go for the spring holiday are increasingly turning to PassoverListings.com, the world’s leading Passover program review site, for honest and dependable reviews of vacation options.

Passoverlistings.com—the TripAdvisor and Yelp for Passover programs—features more than 1,000 firsthand write-ups of nearly 80 different programs worldwide. The reviews are valuable, insightful and are written by real people who are writing about programs they experienced, Passover Listings co-founder Doni Schwartz said.

“We decided to have reviews on the site because there was no place where Passover travelers could find honest and reliable feedback from real people on the food, the programming or the hotel,” Schwartz said. “The reviews really help by giving the Passover traveler a good sense of the quality of the program and the level of comfort needed to put down a deposit. If five people are saying the same thing, then you know there’s something there.”

Passover Listings co-founders Schwartz and Daniel Kramer have years of combined experience helping Pesach programs reach their attendance goals. Since they launched their cutting-edge website, they have found that the operators of the programs—held in locations including San Diego, the Bahamas and even Rome, Italy—have come to rely on the reviews as much as the kosher travel seeking the dream Passover vacation does.

“Passover Listings has become a hub for Pesach customers’ decision making,” Alyson Feldman, director of FFH Events, which holds a program in the foothills of the Catskill Mountains, said. “It is a one-stop spot to see all current listings and information. It has changed the way programs advertise. Customers reference Passover Listings, and quote information we have in our listings. They are reading all the information and comparing other programs. It is a helpful resource for the educated consumer.”

Similarly, a spokesperson for Upscale Getaways in Rancho Bernardo, San Diego said the consumer reviews on Passover Listings provide all the advertising operators could ever need.

“The reviews are great and are a go-to resource in our selling process. We barely need any other forms of marketing to sell out our entire hotel,” Upscale Getaways said. “The main reason people know the reviews we have are legit is because of the unbelievable detail that our guests go into when writing the reviews. It’s clear that their heart is in it and they discuss every aspect of the program at length, which makes it clear how legit the reviews are on Passover Listings.”

Lesser-known program operators are discovering how powerful reviews can be, too.

“I am finding reviews very helpful,” a representative of Agudas Achim Pesach in Aurora, Ohio said. “Even after only advertising for a few days, I’ve already gotten many responses. I think it’s especially relevant for us since we’re a smaller program in Ohio and not so well-known, being part of Passover Listings really gets the word out and I see excellent results so far.”

The number of decisions a family needs to make when selecting the right Passover vacation can often be overwhelming—akin to planning a child’s bar or bat mitzvah or even remodeling a home. The trip planner is confronted with myriad options pertaining to children’s entertainment options, food, lectures, location, insurance and cost, and reading the reviews at Passoverlistings.com is one way to make the experience more manageable.

For those who use Passover Programs Reviews, a Facebook group administered by the co-founders of Passover Listings, sharing, reading and writing reviews can also be a means of building community. Created in 2018, the group has more than 5,800 members, and with the holiday fast approaching, its forums are more active than ever with folks from around the world seeking recommendations on programs from people just like them.

“All questions from how and by whom the program is run, to pricing, to quality of the food, to daycare and kids’ activities can be answered by reading the reviews so that one can make an informed decision,” Allison Rothman, a resident of Long Island, said. “The reviews on Passover Listings are extremely helpful when planning a Pesach vacation. There are so many different programs in many different locations catering to all different types of people. It is therefore so important to be able to ask specific questions and get answers from real people who have attended the program in the past.”

Along with helpful reviews, Passover Listings has proven a reliable source of customer service, Rothman said.

“Doni Schwartz has been on the phone with me countless times over the past few weeks helping to guide me through this process in finding the appropriate destination for me and my family to make memories of a lifetime.”

For Passover Listings’ cofounders, the purpose of the website is clear: “We’re here to give people all the information they need in a one-stop way,” they said.

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