April 23, 2024
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April 23, 2024
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Linking Northern and Central NJ, Bronx, Manhattan, Westchester and CT

Remember the good old days of Pesach vacations? You know, before COVID ruined everything. The last few years have been a rough go. Lots of programs were shut down in 2020, and just at the last minute. If you were one of the people whose vacation was canceled … Well, it’s not fun to think about. Some people weren’t even able to get their money back.

Of course, it wasn’t just Passover vacationers who had this problem. This nightmare scenario occurred to lots of program owners. Trips canceled, and good luck finding a place to go. Remember that year when you had to cook, clean and do everything yourself. It was a lot of work.

But of course, for most Pesach vacationers, they’ve never had this problem. Passover programs were usually perfect. The food was often fresh, succulent and delicious. Most of the entertainment was divine. Most of the hotels were quiet and well maintained, all the beds super comfy…

Well, perfection may be the dream, but real life isn’t always perfect. Sometimes Passover vacations don’t measure up. Things go wrong. Murphy’s Law is a real thing. If something can go wrong, well you know how that goes.

Fortunately, there is a way to check out the Passover programs: passoverlistings.com. If you’re not familiar with the website, you might want to check it out. Getting accurate reviews from actual consumers wasn’t exactly a new concept when the site was founded. Amazon, Expedia and the rest had been around for years. But the concept hadn’t yet been applied to Passover vacations.

And this is why Doni Schwartz and Daniel Kramer founded Passover Listings. Veterans of Passover vacations for decades, Schwartz and Kramer had experienced Pesach getaways both wonderful and not so much. They’d been on amazing buffet lines some years and chomped less inspiring fare at others. Tired of rolling the dice, the pair decided it was time to bring Passover vacations into the modern blogosphere. They created a modern website with accurate information, and real reviews from Passover vacationers so that kosher travelers had the best shot at the Pesach holiday of their dreams.

And it has worked out pretty well. Since then, thousands of matzah munchers have researched and booked trips through browsing Passover Listings and their Facebook Group, Passover Program Reviews.

And now Pesach vacations are back with a vengeance! And we’re not just talking brisket, matzah and the pool. Of course there’s that, but there are also all sorts of gourmet options, in magnificent buffets. If you get hungry late at night, many have late night tea rooms and themed buffets.

Many of the programs, in fact, have multiple restaurants. For instance, VIP Kosher Tours will have 16 separate restaurants. Imagine that. You could go to a different one every day, and still have a few left over! Lasko Getaways, an ultra-luxurious high-end program, has a world-class waterpark and entertainment, impressive resident scholars, world-renowned speakers and comedians, mentalists, terrific singers and other entertainers. Leisure Time Tours in Utah is an action-packed adventure with skiing, scuba diving in caves, snowmobiling and more. There’s something for everyone on these programs.

If you have kids, you can leave the little tykes at professionally organized kids camps and enjoy the sites with your significant other.

And remember, Passover Listings also has reviews from real vacationers so you’re not just taking the word of the advertisers. Find out what other parents thought about the camp. Find out which resorts have the most creative desserts, the best Texas smoked dinosaur ribs and the juiciest lamb on a rotating spit. Look up whatever you want. If you’re interested in it, chances are someone has already commented on it.

This year, however, there’s one more feature Passover Listings has added, something their customers have been asking about: Answers. Answers to specific questions.

Wondering what kind of desserts Kosherica will have in the Bahamas this year? Question about the refund policy at Leisure Time Tours? Interested by the type of crowds at Tour Plus in Crete?

Well, your wish is Passover Listings’ command! This year, they’re taking calls and answering emails. Totally for free. Query them at will. They’ll answer your question on the spot, or get the answer and get back to you. Totally gratis.

And there’s plenty to choose from. This year, there are over 80 Pesach programs on passoverlistings.com. You can search by program, amenity or location.

Some of 2023’s featured Pesach Programs are:

– Kosherica Pesach programs in Florida, the Bahamas and Mexico.

– Lasko Getaways in Miami.

– Leisure Time Tours in Florida, Utah, New Jersey and Italy.

– Hafikoman in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

– Royal Passover in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

– VIP Kosher Tours in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico.

And there are dozens more amazing Pesach programs around the USA, Europe and Asia. Take a peek, compare your favorites, read the reviews and ask whatever you’d like. Passover Listings is a one-stop shop of “all you can eat” answers.

So, this year, if you’re thinking about treating yourself, don’t take any chances. Don’t rely on your cousin Jake, Aunt Channah or your buddy Dave. Don’t go with your gut. Let’s face it, you’ve been wrong on your hunches before. Go to passoverlistings.com, the Passover Program Reviews Facebook Group or follow @passoverlistings on Instagram and check it out yourself. Trust is great. But trust and verify is better.

By Matt Aaron/Passover Listings


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