April 21, 2024
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April 21, 2024
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PetTech: Is It Time to Buy Your Dog a Smartphone?

Getting a pet, let alone a rescue dog, was not my idea a decade ago. It felt foreign to me as someone who grew up in a predominantly Chasidish household and community. It was my wife and our youngest daughter who insisted we get one.

Boy, am I grateful my family fought for our dog Lolly as she is now “man’s best friend,” and 10 years later, I truly love her to pieces.

One of the hardest things I have to do is bring her to the vet, as I get so emotional when she whimpers when the doctors check her. What does give me some peace of mind is the breakthroughs in PetTech, a new wave of technology designed specifically to improve the day-to-day and medical care of our furry companions.

Now, I’m not talking about buying your dog a smartphone (although that would be cool). Instead, I recommend taking advantage and utilizing the many advancements in PetTech to give pets the best possible care.

Perhaps you can start small and local by taking advantage of the cutting-edge technology at Bergen Veterinary Hospital. When my dog isn’t feeling well or needs a wellness check, we take her to Dr. Jennifer Suss, a veterinarian at Bergen Veterinary. Dr. Suss understands emotional pet parents like me.

GCG has been managing Bergan Vet’s information technology for a decade now, and they are one of the first in the area to implement cutting-edge technology to make our pets’ lives kinder. Even during the height of the pandemic, through technology they were able to care for our pets and keep nervous pet parents like me calm.

Thanks to the hospital’s integrated app platform, scheduling an in-person (or in-pet) appointment has never been easier. This means owners can contact the hospital through a single platform to schedule appointments, send videos or pictures, ask questions, and even have telemedicine visits.

According to Dr. Suss, “advancements in technology have allowed the veterinary profession to change how we can offer care to our patients. The many new technologies available will advance our profession toward a more precise medicine.”

New advancements in immunotherapy, nanotechnology, genomics, stem cell therapy, and using artificial intelligence allow veterinarians to obtain more precise diagnostics results. One of the most exciting developments in PetTech is telemedicine. This means that pet owners can now have virtual appointments with their vet, which is especially useful when bringing their pet in for an in-hospital visit isn’t feasible. With the help of smartphones and other devices, vets can diagnose and treat pets from the comfort of their homes.

Another area where PetTech is making waves is home diagnostics. With the help of specialized devices and apps, pet owners can constantly monitor their pets’ health and well-being. This means minor issues can be caught and treated before they become significant problems.

To an IT professional like me, the most impressive thing about PetTech is how seamlessly it integrates with the veterinary practice management information system. All information related to a pet’s medical care can be stored in one place, making it easy for vets to access and update medical records.

Pet playtime goes digital too.

In addition to the medical side, thanks to PetTech, playtime with your pet has gotten a lot easier too. Petcube Bites 2 is controlled remotely and will run a ball through the house to play with a dog. The camera allows two-way viewing and a microphone so your dog can see and hear you. Even a dog treat can be given.

We are now empty nesters with kids in Israel and Crown Heights, and our love for Lolly always unites us digitally. Our playtime is videoing our dog when one of us is remote. My kids WhatsApp us — well, let’s be honest, our dog — so they can see and talk to her on video.

PetTech is changing how we care for our pets; the benefits are clear. From medical to playtime to even inserting a chip into your dog to ensure they never get lost, PetTech is changing how we care for and interact with our pets.

I feel blessed to be a firsthand witness due to my profession to see what is happening now and what is in store shortly. Stay tuned, as you will see many more breakthroughs in this niche tech arena.

Shneur Garb founded The Garb I.T. Solutions group in New Jersey, The Netherlands, and Israel, which specializes in Cloud solutions. Zalman Weisman is a freelance technology journalist.

By Shneur Garb with Zalman Weisman

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