April 23, 2024
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April 23, 2024
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Police Examine Fallout From Esther’s Secret Jewish Identity

Breaking news: Esther just revealed her secret identity, she is a Jew! Nobody suspected her—or did they? Here is an interview with her closest friends and relatives, and even the king himself.

DETECTIVE BENOFF: Did you notice anything suspicious about Esther’s behavior? I heard the Jews don’t follow the king’s rules.

Monday maid: Esther does what all the other queens do. I’ve been with queens for 59 years, and Esther is just as busy as the rest of them.

Saturday maid: Esther has the same schedule every time I see her week after week. She rests and just has a relaxing day.

Achashverosh: I really don’t notice. I’m rarely with her…

Mordecai: I already knew that she is Jewish just like me. I was the one to tell her not to reveal her identity.

Haman: I was so disappointed that my daughter didn’t marry the king, I didn’t notice Esther.

DETECTIVE BENOFF: What was your reaction when you heard she was Jewish?

Monday maid: I was so surprised that I dropped my mop.

Saturday maid: I thought she was very lazy, but now I know she was just observing Shabbat.

Achashverosh: I was extremely relieved. The night before I could not sleep, because I was worried that Haman and Esther were plotting to overpower me. I am glad that I am now in total control of this situation.

Mordechai: I was very worried about Esther’s safety, but happy that she was doing what Hashem wanted her to do.

Haman: I was shocked and worried. The king loves her and now that he knows I plan to kill her nation, I am in big trouble!

DETECTIVE BENOFF: Why do you think Esther chose to reveal her identity now?

Monday maid: I don’t know why now. Back in the day, the queen would get killed if she cared about her people more than the Persians.

Saturday maid: I think she wanted to help her people, because clearly she cared about them a lot.

Achashverosh: I don’t know why she thought now was a good time. I was very curious what was so important to her that she risked her life for it.

Mordechai: Esther played to Haman and Achashverosh’s weaknesses. By inviting Haman to two important parties, she made Haman think that he was more important than he really is. When Esther was being very mysterious with Haman, Achashverosh was paying attention to Haman’s every move, so when Esther accused him, the king agreed.

Haman: She waited until I was at my highest point of power. Now I understand.

By Shushan Head Detective Sarah Benoff, RYNJ Fifth Grader

Sarah Benoff is in Morah Chana Greenberg’s fifth-grade class at Rosenbaum Yeshiva of North Jersey. Each spring, the students in this class create a newspaper as written in the time of Mordechai and Esther. The Jewish Link gladly prints one article each year. Mazel tov to Sarah for her creative article!

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