December 11, 2023
December 11, 2023

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Princesses of Long Island? NOT!

Bravo, the network that loves to bring you “real life” in the form of exaggerated stereotypes, has done it again. Instead of Housewives of New Jersey, Atlanta, Orange County and elsewhere, we now have Princesses of Long Island, a reality (bites) show that showcases six young ostensibly Jewish women, nearing 30, looking for Jewish husbands. One of them labels herself Modern Orthodox. All of them are rich, all of them live at home, and all of them are like many of the women described by participants at some Jewish fundraising mixers: vain, clueless and self-absorbed. God only knows why we were made aware of this horrifying program. It demeans Jewish women who are already demeaning themselves in front of the TV audience.

On this show, Shabbos is a nightmare instead of an oasis of peace. The Jewish world is upside down. Is this the Jewish world we want seen on TV? And how did these young women become who they are? Why is there so much wrong in this picture?

Perhaps there is a message in this enormous chillul Hashem and shanda. You may have laughed at the other housewives, but Princesses is no laughing matter to us—just like it’s no laughing matter to those who are stereotyped on other shows. The shanda, the lack of modesty, the outrageous behavior and ignorance of these college graduates is mind boggling, and not just to the women who fought long and hard for dignity in the workplace and society. In light of what Jewish women have accomplished—women who are learning Torah in all denominations of Judaism, who care about being Jewish in a painful world, and who work to raise money or volunteer for every chessed one can imagine—it is particularly painful to witness Jewish women of the same age who are their antithesis.

The Princesses of Bravo are, frankly, a disgrace to those Jewish women who teach their children the beauty of Yiddishkeit, who teach their children to be caring, kind people who respect themselves and their religion, as well as all of Hashem’s creations.

Make sure, if you can, to block Bravo so your kids can’t find it or access it. And then write to the producers and let them know how you feel about the program.

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