April 14, 2024
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April 14, 2024
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Recipe for Raising a Happy, Well-Adjusted Child

  • 2 heaping tablespoons hearts of love, unconditional
  • 1 teaspoon scents of accomplishment
  • 1 tablespoons emphasis on strengths
  • 1 dash of criticism, softened—(use sparingly)
  • 3 ounces of self-respect
  • 1 tablespoon time and attention, extracted (quality over quantity)
  • 1 “kupp” full of Torah and mitzvos
  • 1 pinch firmness

Preheat with shalom bayis and passion for Torah.

Prepare based on temperament and personality. Add a healthy dose of tefillah. Mix together all ingredients while continually adding tefillos. Allow to rise generously.

Give space to cool.

For best results ensure plenty of good consistency. Serve and enjoy together as a family.

Use: Plenty of choices and listening ear

Yield: 1 healthy serving—each different and unique in its own way.

Results will vary.

Rabbi Dani Staum, LMSW, is a popular speaker and author. He is a rebbe in Heichal HaTorah in Teaneck, NJ, and an experienced therapist, recently returning to seeing clients in private practice, as part of the Rockland CBT group. For appointments Rabbi Staum can be reached at 914-295-0115. Looking for an inspirational and motivating speaker or scholar-in-residence? Contact Rabbi Staum for a unique speaking experience. Rabbi Staum can be reached at [email protected]. Archives of his writings can be found at www.stamtorah.info .

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