May 22, 2024
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May 22, 2024
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RIETS Releases Two New Books for High Holiday Season

RIETS Rosh Yeshiva Rabbi Dr. Michael Rosensweig has published his first book.

Highlighting: Batei Yosef: Elul and Tishrei. RIETS Press. 2023. Hardcover. Hebrew. 454 pages.

“Mimini Mikhael: Essays on Teshuva and Yom Kippur” by Rabbi Dr. Michael Rosensweig. RIETS Press. 2023. Hardcover. English. 360 pages. ISBN: 9781592646456.

(Courtesy of YU) As the Yamim Noraim (High Holy Days) approach, Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary (RIETS) is excited to announce the release of two books from the yeshiva’s in-house press that will surely add to the enjoyment and inspiration of this auspicious time of year. Both books are specifically geared towards providing insights on the High Holy Days and cover such topics as a detailed exploration of the process of repentance during Yom Kippur by Rabbi Dr. Michael Rosensweig as well as a collection of Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik’s key rulings regarding the laws of the Yamim Noraim.

Batei Yosef: Elul and Tishrei is the most comprehensive book to date that collects the Rav’s rulings together in one place. It is the first installment of a new series, generously sponsored by the Karasick family, bringing many halachic rulings of Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik, zt”l, to print. Centered around the High Holy Days, Batei Yosef: Elul and Tishrei will allow readers to gain new insight into the laws and customs of the holidays through the rulings of the Rav as well as those of current roshei yeshiva at RIETS, an affiliate of Yeshiva University.

The Batei Yosef project is led by Rosh Yeshiva and RIETS Press Senior Editor Rabbi Daniel Feldman and Associate Editor Rabbi Josh Flug, as well as RIETS Rosh Yeshiva Rabbi Michael Taubes. The sefer contains three sections: the first section includes insights from the Rav zt”l on the High Holy Days, including some rulings that have never been published before and give unique insight into his thoughts.

The second section contains relevant rulings of current RIETS Roshei Yeshiva and poskim, especially Rabbi Hershel Schachter and Rabbi Mordechai Willig as well their halachic analysis of these topics. The third section contains articles from RIETS roshei yeshiva. This volume on the High Holy Days is the first of what is hoped will be a comprehensive series on the rulings of the Rav and other RIETS scholars on holidays throughout the Jewish calendar.

“The Yeshiva University community has long yearned for a halacha series that highlights the practices of the Rav, zt”l, as well as halachic rulings of the RIETS Roshei Yeshiva and poskim—in particular, Rabbi Hershel Schachter and Rabbi Mordechai Willig,” said Rabbi Menachem Penner, Max and Marion Grill dean of RIETS. “We are excited and honored to publish these volumes and provide meaningful insights on the High Holy Days for the benefit of our entire community.”

The two books from RIETS Press focus on the High Holy Days.

This volume as well as the rest of the series also will allow a new generation of learners to gain from the teachings of The Rav zt”l.

The second book, titled “Mimini Mikhael: Essays on Teshuva and Yom Kippur” is the first sefer written by RIETS Rosh Yeshiva Rabbi Dr. Michael Rosensweig. A co-production of RIETS Press and Maggid Books, an imprint of Koren Publishers, this work will provide readers with the opportunity to learn from one of the most beloved senior roshei yeshiva at RIETS for the first time in print.

Edited by a close student of Rabbi Rosensweig, Rabbi Avraham Wein, who serves as the assistant rabbi at Congregation Keter Torah in Teaneck, the book takes readers on an intellectual journey into the depth and beauty of the repentance process at the center of the high holiday season.

“The arrival of Rav Rosensweig’s first full length volume is a source of great excitement for the entire Torah world and of tremendous pride for RIETS publications,” said Rabbi Feldman. “His trademark incisiveness, creativity, breadth and clarity will illuminate the upcoming Yamim Noraim for all of us.”

This book will undoubtedly give readers new perspectives on the high holidays and the rituals and customs that mark the start of the year.

The two new books as well as the rest of the RIETS Press catalog are available for purchase at:

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